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Name:  Kevin Luthardt  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Children; Children;

Born: 1973 in Schaumburg, Illinois

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Illinois Connection

Luthardt was born and raised in Schaumburg, Illinois. He studied painting at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He currently resides in the Chicago area.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kevin Luthardt is an artist,illustrator,author, and muralist based in the Chicago area.

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Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0689832370

Atheneum. 2001

When only one toy is found in the package from grandma, two brothers decide to fight for it claiming that it is their present, but when the stuffed dinosaur gets ripped in half, they come to realize that their selfishness led them to both lose out in the end.

ISBN: 1561450464

Peachtree Publishing Company. 2003

PEEP! A duckling breaks through its shell and immediately attaches itself to the first thing it sees―a warmhearted young boy.
The newly hatched duck follows the boy home and soon the two are inseparable. But the duckling is growing up. One day…QUACK! When a flock of ducks flies by the boy realizes with a great pang of sorrow that his friend will have to return to live among its own kind.
Kevin Luthardt’s deceptively simple story poignantly and humorously dramatizes the special tale of friendship and demonstrates the importance of learning to let go of something you love.

ISBN: 1561453005

Peachtree Publishing Company. 2004

Larabee likes everything about delivering mail, except that he has never received any himself!
Every morning, the mailman Mr. Bowman and his dog Larabee wake up very early to deliver the mail. Larabee likes riding in the mail truck and carrying the mailbag. He likes delivering the mail, and he always, always makes sure it is delivered on time. There’s only one thing Larabee doesn’t like: There is never a letter for him! Then one day, after all the mail has been delivered, Mr. Bowman reaches into his bag and finds a letter…addressed to Larabee!
Kevin Luthardt utilizes his highly expressive, comical, full-color illustrations and minimal text to poignantly and humorously dramatize this special tale of the pure joy that can result from the simplest expression of friendship.

ISBN: 0807531715

Albert Whitman & Company. 2004

When a young boy enters a hat shop and sees there is a sale that day, he carefully chooses the perfect hat. Then a bully tells him, "Dumb hat!" The boy is crushed--is his hat really dumb? But other kids who come along think the hat is pretty cool.

ISBN: 1561453323

Peachtree Publishing Company. 2005

“Click-click-clacking up the track. Sinking lower, peering back. Slowly climbing to the top. Edging closer toward the drop.”
A timid young boy joins his eager father for a ride on a roller coaster. After zigzagging through the line, the pair boards the DinoCoaster for a fast-paced ride that takes them lurching and tilting upside down, round and round. When the roller coaster finally comes to a stop, the excited young boy is ready for another ride…but his queasy father has other ideas.
Diane Adams’ simple, rhyming roller coaster adventure will thrill young readers, while artist Kevin Luthardt’s highly expressive, comical, full-color illustrations capture the sensations of the rollicking ride.

You're Weird!
ISBN: 0803729863

Dial. 2005

Even though Turtle thinks Rabbit’s skateboarding style in scuba gear is strange and Rabbit thinks Turtle’s crazy eating habits are odd, the two unlikely companions eventually find a middle ground in their weirdness in order to become the best of friends!

The Vowel Family: A Tale of Lost Letters
ISBN: 0822579820

Carolrhoda Books. 2008

Meet an unusual family with some very special children: Alan, Ellen, Iris, Otto, and Ursula. Sometimes they're visited by their very special aunt, Cyndy. As each child is born, the family becomes more complete--and each additional Vowel also makes the text easier to read! Because if you can imagine life without the Vowels, tlkng wld b vr hrd. Rdng wld b pzzlng. Are you ready to play the Vowel game?

ISBN: 1561454303

Peachtree Publishing Company. 2009

A series of simple questions triggers a playful, imaginative exchange between a child and his father.
“Papa, why can’t I fly?” a boy asks his father. His father’s simple answer leads to another question, and then another, until the father playfully demonstrates to his son all the things the child can do. In the end the boy discovers that with a little imagination and some help from his dad he can fly―even without wings!
Kevin Luthardt’s highly expressive, comical, full-color illustrations and simply worded text capture the special bond between father and son. Readers will enjoy the playful fun and easy-going relationship depicted in this delightful story.

When Edgar Met Cecil
ISBN: 156145706X

Peachtree Publishing Company. 2013

Moving to a new home is hard―even when you’re a robot.
When Edgar’s family moves to a new town, everything seems strange and scary. The kids look different. They dress weird. They listen to bizarre music. They eat strange food. And the biggest, weirdest looking kid keeps staring at Edgar. What does he want? As Edgar soon learns, sometimes you have to rise above your fears to make a new friend. And sometimes that friend may be the last person―or alien―you’d expect.
Kevin Luthardt utilizes his highly expressive, comical, full-color illustrations and minimal text to poignantly and humorously dramatize this tale of friendship found in unexpected places.

Findley the Funnel
ISBN: 0615914519

David Sherman. 2013

Findley the Funnel is the story of a young boy rarely happy with what he receives. Findley learns that happiness can be found by doing good deeds for others.



  • 2004 Children's Choice, IRA/CBC
  • 2014 ILLINOIS READS Book
  • Larabee

  • 2004 Best Books of the Year Awards, Child Magazine
  • 2005 Children's Choice, IRA/CBC
  • 2005 Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List (primary)

    , Kansas International Education Association


  • 2006 Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List (primary)

    , Kansas National Educational Association

  • Best Read Aloud Picture Books, Curriculum Materials Center at Minnesota State University Moorhead
  • The Vowel Family

  • 2008 Booklinks Lasting Connections
  • Flying!

  • 2010 Finalist Best Read Aloud Book Award, ReadBoston

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