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General Information

Name:  Sidney Rosen  

Pen Name: None


Born: 1916 in Boston, Massachusetts


Illinois Connection

Rosen taught at the University of Illinois in Champaign.

Biographical and Professional Information

Sidney Rosen was a professor emeritus of astronomy at the University of Illinois (1958-94). He grew up in Boston’s West End and married Dorothy Rosen. Together, they wrote the mystery series starring Belle Appleman, a Jewish immigrant who lives in Boston's West End during the 1930s. Rosen wrote the popular children’s book ''Galileo and the Magic Numbers'', published in 1958 and it still remains in print and in libraries all over the country. He also wrote a series of children’s science books.

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Titles At Your Library

Galileo and the Magic Numbers
ISBN: 0316757047

Little, Brown & Co.. 1958

A biography of the 16th century mathematician, physicist, and astronomer, who questioned the scientific theories set up by Aristotle and the Church.

Dr. Paracelsus
ISBN: 1258114291

Literary Licensing, LLC. 2011

Death & Blintzes: A Belle Appleman Mystery (Rosen Mysteries)
ISBN: 0897334507

Chicago Review Press. 2005

It is the mid-1930s and, in Boston, something not quite kosher is going on at the Classic Clothing Company. Belle Appleman, the young widow recently hired for the Pants department and a long-time devotee of True Detective magazine, jumps at the chance to put her acquired knowledge into practice when the Pants shop steward is murdered. Belle soon learns that "detectiving" can be dangerous, but that doesn't stop her from shooting her questions at everyone from the boss's son's fiancee to the victim's mother.

How Far Is a Star? (A Question of Science)
ISBN: 0876146841

Carolrhoda Books. 1992

Explains the vast distances in space and describes different types of stars in the universe using a question-and-answer format

Can You Find a Planet? (A Question of Science)
ISBN: 0876146833

Carolrhoda Books. 1992

Discusses in question and answer format the planets in our solar system and explains which planets and stars can be seen from Earth in the night sky

Where Does the Moon Go? (Question of Science Book)
ISBN: 087614685X

Carolrhoda Books. 1992

Describes how the travels of the moon make it seem to grow and shrink, and uses an experiment and photographs to illustrate the phenomenon

Which Way to the Milky Way? (Question of Science Book)
ISBN: 0876147090

Carolrhoda Books. 1992

Questions and answers introduce the Milky Way and other kinds of galaxies in the universe

Can You Hitch a Ride on a Comet? (A Question of Science Book)
ISBN: 0876147732

Carolrhoda Books. 1993

A lively question-and-answer science book takes a close-up look at comets, their origins, their history, their journey through the universe, and some famous comets, including Halley's Comet and Comet Kohoutek.

The Baghdad Mission (Adventures in Time)
ISBN: 0876148283

Carolrhoda Books. 1994

In the year 800, fifteen-year-old Alan travels from the Frankish kingdom to Baghdad and back again, seeking to escape the murderous intentions of his evil cousin and secure his birthright

The Magician's Apprentice (Adventures in Time)
ISBN: 0876148097

Carolrhoda Books. 1994

In 1264, Jean of Toulouse, a young French student and friar accused of heresy by the Inquisition, is sent to Oxford to spy on the scholarly monk, Roger Bacon, who is suspected of being a heretic for his advanced scientific ideas

Can You Catch a Falling Star (Question of Science Book)
ISBN: 0876148828

Carolrhoda Books. 1995

A question and answer format teach readers about meteors, discussing what happens when they hit the ground and the best time to look for meteor showers

Where's the Big Dipper (Question of Science Book)
ISBN: 0876148836

Carolrhoda Books. 1995

A question and answer format teaches readers about the constellations, how they were named, and how they are used to tell time and direction, and provides instructions for locating various constellations

Death and Strudel
ISBN: 0897334787

Chicago Review Press. 2000

Belle Appleman is back on the trail of evil-doers in Boston. Belle has left her job at the Classic Clothing Company to work in the neighborhood drugstore. When a young girl staggers into the drugstore, collapses and dies, Belle suspects foul play. She teams up with her friend, Irish cop Jim Connors, and soon finds herself embroiled in homicide and danger. She is certain that one of the Beacon Hill doctors who come into the drug store is the guilty party. But which one? In the meantime, Belle finds romance with a Gary Cooper look-alike

but neither this nor her constant endearing interest in food can distract Belle from her search for a killer.