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Name:  DJ Corchin  

Pen Name: None


Audience: Young Adult; Children;

Born: in

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Illinois Connection

Corchin currently lives and works in Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

DJ Corchin is an award-winning author and illustrator. He has a degree in Music Education from DePaul University.


'I Feel... Children's Series' Best Picture Book Series, Literary Classics International Book Awards, 2015 'Mystical Rules For My Magical Daughter' Best Inspirational/Visionary (Pre-Teen) Category, Literary Classics International Book Awards, 2015

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Selected Titles At Your Library

ISBN: 0996078142. OCLC Number: 980479912

PHAZELFOZ Company, LLC,. .

Band nerds poetry from the 13th chair trombone player
ISBN: 9780981964508. OCLC Number: 798101961

. .

I feel ... angry /
ISBN: 0997425733. OCLC Number: 989071573

. .

"Helps discuss what you may do when you feel angry as well as some suggestions on how to calm down"--Author website.

I feel ... awesome /
ISBN: 0985933356. OCLC Number: 861543469

. .

"Explores in its signature rhyme style how doing good things can make you feel well ... awesome! Sharing, caring, and being responsible are all lessons to be learned"--Author web site.

I feel ... different /
ISBN: 098348760X. OCLC Number: 890945373

. .

"Helps teach kids how our differences are what makes us special. The book explores feeling alone or different because of the way one might act, believe, or look. The simple, silly illustrations help engage a child and start a discussion. The use of solid colors and expressions capture the eye and a mix of vocabulary allows for young readers to be successful."--Author's web site.

I feel ... lonely /
ISBN: 099742575X. OCLC Number: 989071574

. .

"I Feel...Lonely helps discuss what you may do when you're feeling lonely and what activities you could participate in to make you feel more connected"--Author website.

I feel ... meh /
ISBN: 0996078150. OCLC Number: 989071575

. .

"Sometimes you just feel...meh. You don't really feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Is that bad? How do I get out of the funk? I Feel...Meh joins the award winning I Feel...Children's Book Series helping to discuss apathy."--Author website.

I feel ... sick /
ISBN: 0983487642. OCLC Number: 890946300

. .

"It happens. Sometimes we just don't feel well. Feeling sick isn't fun. In fact, it can be really gross."--Author's web site.

I feel ... too! /
ISBN: 0983487693. OCLC Number: 890945758

. .

"Did you ever notice the more you make others feel good, the better you feel yourself? This play on the original I Feel ... book helps kids understand the importance of taking time to compliment others and the personal reward for doing so. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it."--Author's web site.

ISBN: 0996078193. OCLC Number: 978654310

PHAZELFOZ Company, LLC,. .

ISBN: 069811387X. OCLC Number: 35284112

PaperStar,. .

Sam is too small to share many things with his family but mother finds a job in the kitchen for which he is just right.

Sam and the Jungle Band /
ISBN: 0981964567. OCLC Number: 706019444

. .

"Sam is a monkey who plays the guitar. He's the only monkey who plays the guitar. But why do no other types of animals come to hear him play? Sam sets out to find the answer. Along the way he meets a few new musical friends: a gigantic, yellow, drum set-playing elephant; a snake who slaps the bass; a macaw who plays the congas; an electric guitar-shredding tiger; and the Professor, a mysterious tarsier rock'n the piano. Join the group as they learn to play together, and Sam learns the importance of including others. Author DJ Corchin and illustrator Dan Dougherty team up once again to create a beautifully immersive world for both children and adults. Their unique, witty, and good-natured vision brings to life the memorable characters in book one of the Sam & the Jungle Band series"-- Taken from December 16, 2014.

Strings /
ISBN: 099607810X. OCLC Number: 890946582

. .

"Leaving your friends or family is never easy, but that doesn't mean you're alone. Strings is heartwarming message about friendship and moving away. No matter where you might go, you're always connected."--Author's web site.

The marching band nerds handbook :
ISBN: 9780983487678. OCLC Number: 827611709

. .

ISBN: 9780985933388. OCLC Number: 981463831

. .

Imagination is the greatest superpower! Join Thunderfeet, Captain Boogie, Mystic Runner, The Builder, and more as you read this SUPER kids book! Did you ever dress up and pretend to have superpowers? Of course you did!

You got a boogie /
ISBN: 0981964524. OCLC Number: 679940544

The phazelFoz Company,. .

Provides a light-hearted opportunity to speak with your child about telling someone the truth that they have a booger in their nose because you care about them.