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General Information

Name:  Kekla Magoon  

Pen Name: None

Genre: Fiction History Non-Fiction

Audience: Adult; Young Adult; Children;

Born: Michigan

Illinois Connection

Magoon graduated with a B.A. from Northwestern University. While there, she also worked with youth-serving nonprofit organizations.

Biographical and Professional Information

Kekla Magoon is the author of over a dozen books for young readers. She has received an NAACP Image Award, the John Steptoe New Talent Award, two Coretta Scott King Honors, The Walter Award Honor, the In the Margins Award, and been long listed for the National Book Award. She also writes non-fiction on historical topics.

She conducts school and library visits nationwide and serves on the Writers' Council for the National Writing Project. Kekla holds a B.A. from Northwestern University and an M.F.A. in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts, where she now serves on faculty.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: Yes.

Selected Titles At Your Library

37 things I love (in no particular order) /
ISBN: 0805094652. OCLC Number: 746834546

Henry Holt,. .

Fifteen-year-old Ellis recalls her favorite things as her mother's desire to turn off the machines that have kept Ellis's father alive for two years fill the last four days of her sophomore year with major changes in herself and her relationships.

Abraham Lincoln /
ISBN: 1599288397. OCLC Number: 770711218

ABDO Pub.,. .

See how Abraham Lincoln shaped the world, impacted humanity, and changed the course of history.

Camo girl /
ISBN: 1416978046. OCLC Number: 535493151

Aladdin,. .

Ella, a biracial girl with a patchy and uneven skin tone, and her friend Z, a boy who is very different, have been on the bottom of the social order at Caldera Junior High School in Las Vegas, but when the only other African-American student enters their sixth grade class, Ella longs to be friends with him and join the popular group, but does not want to leave Z all alone.

Cesar Chavez :
ISBN: 1616135123. OCLC Number: 767670322

ABDO Pub.,. .

Fire in the streets /
ISBN: 1442422300. OCLC Number: 709673047

Aladdin,. .

In the aftermath of Dr. King's assassination in 1968, Chicago fourteen-year-old Maxie longs to join the Black Panthers, whether or not her brother Raheem, ex-boyfriend Sam, or her friends like it, and is soon caught up in the violence of anti-war and civil rights demonstrations.

Gun control /
ISBN: 1599288605. OCLC Number: 123349600

ABDO Pub.,. .

Discusses the controversial viewpoints regarding gun control.

How it went down /
ISBN: 0805098690. OCLC Number: 885026550

. .

When sixteen-year-old Tariq Johnson is shot to death, his community is thrown into an uproar because Tariq was black and the shooter, Jack Franklin, is white, and in the aftermath everyone has something to say, but no two accounts of the events agree.

Media censorship /
ISBN: 1604535334. OCLC Number: 767734325

ABDO Pub. Co.,. .

Discusses the controversial viewpoints regarding censorship in the media in the United States.

Nelson Mandela :
ISBN: 1604530383. OCLC Number: 771027464

ABDO Pub. Co.,. .

Discusses the life and achievements of Nelson Mandela, discussing his childhood, education, family, and influence.

Rebellion of thieves /
ISBN: 1619636557. OCLC Number: 933591049

. .

Robyn Loxley plans to sieze the opportunity to rescue her parents from the governor's mansion by competing in the Iron Teen contest, although success could bring unwanted attention from Crown.

Reign of outlaws /
ISBN: 1619636573. OCLC Number: 967077659

. .

Twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley has seventy-two hours to decide between sacrificing herself to save her parents and friends, or continuing to lead the rebellion to rid Nott City from Ignomus Crown once and for all.

Sex education in schools /
ISBN: 1604535369. OCLC Number: 767733465

ABDO Pub. Co.,. .

Examines the issue of sex education in schools.

Shadows of Sherwood :
ISBN: 1619636344. OCLC Number: 889166097

. .

When Nott City is taken over by a harsh governor, Ignomus Crown, and her parents disappear, twelve-year-old Robyn Loxley flees for her life and joins a group of children trying to take back what is rightfully theirs in this futuristic retelling of Robin Hood.

The rock and the river /
ISBN: 1416975829. OCLC Number: 227031585

Aladdin,. .

In 1968 Chicago, fourteen-year-old Sam Childs is caught in a conflict between his father's nonviolent approach to seeking civil rights for African Americans and his older brother, who has joined the Black Panther Party.

The Salem witch trials /
ISBN: 1604530499. OCLC Number: 767669320

ABDO Pub. Co.,. .

Explores the Salem witch trials and how that event has sculpted societies, the sciences, and politics.

The season of Styx Malone /
ISBN: 1524715956. OCLC Number: 1019836445

. .

Caleb Franklin and his big brother Bobby Gene have the whole summer for adventures in the woods behind their house in Sutton, Indiana. Caleb dreams of venturing beyond their ordinary small town, but his dad likes the family to stay close to home. Then Caleb and Bobby Gene meet new neighbor Styx Malone. Styx is sixteen and oozes cool. He's been lots of different places. Styx promises Caleb and Bobby Gene that together, they can pull off the Great Escalator Trade--exchanging one small thing for something better until they achieve their wildest dream. But as the trades get bigger, the brothers soon find themselves in over their heads. It becomes clear that Styx has secrets--secrets so big they could ruin everything--and Caleb fears their whole plan might fall apart. In this madcap, heartwarming, one-thing-leads-to-another adventure, friendships are forged, loyalties are tested ... and miracles just might be possible.

The welfare debate /
ISBN: 1604531142. OCLC Number: 771916636

ABDO Publishing,. .

Discusses the origins of federal welfare in the U.S. and its effects on society, the policy changes it has undergone, new reforms of the 1990s, strategies and key players in the debate, and challenges that confront resolution of the issue.

The Zebulon Pike expedition /
ISBN: 1604535180. OCLC Number: 772627706

ABDO Pub. Co.,. .

Presents the life and expeditions of explorer Zebulon Pike that chronicles his journeys into boththe American Northwest as well as into Mexican territory of the Southwest.

Today the world is watching you ; the Little Rock Nine and the fight for school integration, 1957 /
ISBN: 076135767X. OCLC Number: 647773546

Twenty-First Century Books,. .

On September 4, 1957, nine African American teenagers made their way toward Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. They didn't make it very far. Armed soldiers of the Arkansas National Guard blocked most of them at the edge of campus. The three students who did make it onto campus faced an angry mob of white citizens who spit at them and shouted ugly racial slurs.