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General Information

Name:  Patrick Rizio  

Pen Name: Patrick Rizio

Genre: Fiction Science_Fiction

Audience: Adult;

Born: Schaumburg Il. 1951

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Illinois Connection

Rizio was born in Chicago and has lived in and around the city his entire life. Much of his first novel, "LaCost: The Evolution of Jason", is centered in and around Chicago.

Biographical and Professional Information

Patrick Rizio is a retired business representative for the Plaster and Cement Mason's international Union. LaCost is his first novel. Look for the sequel to be coming soon.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagement Availability: No.

Selected Titles At Your Library

LaCost: The Evolution of Jason
ISBN: 1925939944. OCLC Number:

. .

Jason Patrick LaCost is gifted with a genius level IQ, the ability to feel what other people are thinking and a passion for solving problems. As research head of a large biotech company, Jason makes discoveries that revolutionize agriculture, but pose a threat to corporations that control the planet's food chain. When a corporate shark wants to steal Jason's discoveries things get ugly. Jason's boss has his back, and calls on an old friend and security specialist for help and extra muscle.

Jason falls for art teacher Alison Russo, and together they take seven-year-old Sarah into their care. It becomes clear that Sarah is an evolved human whose intellect is off the charts. Jason and Sarah develop a mental and intellectual bond that normal minds have never achieved. Jason's continuing research leads to bigger and more important discoveries, which bring bigger and more dangerous corporate bad guys who threaten his work, his family and his life. Jason and his extraordinary friends band together to fight off the threats, becoming like family in the process.