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General Information

Name:  Rick Buda  

Pen Name: Rick Arjohn Buda

Genre: C:ADULT Fiction

Born: 1950 in Chicago, Illinois


Illinois Connection

Founded, Edited and contributed to the Nuts & Bolts of gaming; a magazine commenting upon, previewing, reviewing and rating strategic and tactical Role Playing Games (Face to Face as well as Play By Mail and the email based turn games as well) N&BoG was nominated in 1984 for an Origins award, a highly sought award in the Role Playing industry. Rick also began an online presence in the 1990s with his part in online radio (streaming DJs). He could be heard on various stations from 1999 through 2009. His last association with streaming was Our Generation Radio ( and still holds ties there today. Rick makes personal appearances and loves to talk about writing, publishing and his experiences in these pursuits.

Biographical and Professional Information

Founded, contributed, edited and published (Bolt Publications) for The Nuts & Bolts of Gaming (formally, The Nuts & Bolts of PBM); a magazine previewing, reviewing and rating Strategic, and Tactical Role Playiing games (Face to Face as well as computer based; also the Play By Mail markets). N&B was nominated for a Founders award in 1984.Rick has hosted Internet Radio shows (Streams) since 1999 and currently (Jan 2009) be heard on The AnJ Show broadcast from Our Generation Radio (

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-- """WolfPointe""" *LiFe Award: Literature for the Environment