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Genre: C:ADULT C:YOUNG ADULT Fiction Poetry Science_Fiction

Born: Chicago, Illinois, 1954



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I was born in Chicago and raised in Westchester, Illinois. I attended High Ridge School. I went to Proviso West High School. I earned a bachelor's degree studying Geology at Northern Illinois University. Afterwards, I attended the DeVry Institute of Technology to obtain an Associate's Degree in Information Technology.

After managing several restaurants along with selling shoes, I began my career in Computer Programming. I programed from mainframes to minis to networked PCs. I programmed for GTE and Spiegel and HSBC and Walgreens (among other places). I am now retired and live in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

Biographical and Professional Information

In grade school I became a fan of Franz Kafka. I wrote a weekly humor column for my high school newspaper, The Proviso Profile. During college I read my short stories at local coffee houses. Since retiring I've been reading my short stories again at local coffee houses. I have also joined the DuPage Writers Group which meets at the Carol Stream Library. We critique each others' works. We also publish a journal once a year of some of our stories and poems. I have also had tables at Science Fiction Conventions in their Artists Areas. I have also tables at various libraries. Local Authors Fests.

I have always felt an appreciation of nature. I had twenty-seven pet turtles when I was growing up. Mud turtles, box turtles, tortoises and a snapper. From ages six 'till sophomore in high school (not the turtles ages, my age). In all those years my turtles never died nor ran away. I've also kept an appreciation for the natural real world. That is why I studied Geology. I connected well with machines and mathematics. That is why I had a career in Computer Programming. That may be why I write science fiction. That may be why I write fantasy. I connect better with animals and machines than other human beings. That may be why I write satire.

Two of my books are on the shelves in local libraries: The Glen Ellyn Public Library and The Helen Plum Public Library. Those books are: Sticking Your Neck Out and What On Earth.

I recently made my first attempt at writing a children's book. It is called \"Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?\" It is about a grade school boy saving a turtle from getting run over by an automobile. They bond.

My books are available on Amazon at

SPEAKING_LABEL: Speaking Engagement Availability: Yes. I have not done speaking engagements professionally as such. However. I have been an active participant at several libraries' local authors festivals. I also read my stories during Open Mic Nights at various coffee houses. I also have had tables in the \"artist's\" section at various Comic Cons and Science Fiction Conventions. Once this pandemic is under control I would like to read my stories again at the coffee houses I enjoy.

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