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Mary Warren

Connection to Illinois: Warren lives in Cental Illinois.

Biography: Mary Warren lives in Illinois with her family. When she’s not writing stories of fat women, she’s reading them and advocating for better fat representation. Mary founded Fat Girls in Fiction, pointing out positive fat representation for femmes and non-binary people in books. This project became a community and is something she is immensely proud of and happy to be working on.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Romance

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A Highlander for Hannah (Mystic Falls Book 1)

Self Published 2022

Hannah Glenn is ready for a change. After quitting her job and breaking up with her slacker boyfriend, she moves to her family’s farm. In her search for clarity, she let her best friend talk her into buying a love spell. Hannah doesn’t believe in magic but decides to perform the spell anyway. What harm could it do? The ancient, brutish, but also undeniably handsome Scotsman she finds in her barn the next morning might be the answer to the question. Graham MacNeil fell asleep in his uncle’s stable in 1745. He awoke over two hundred years in the future across the Atlantic. He is in a world he knows nothing about with a woman who drives him mad… mad with lust and just plain mad. The spell can only be reversed under the moon of the spring equinox. They are going to have to find a way to survive each other until then. It’s only a matter of months. I mean… what can happen in that time? Will Hannah and Graham learn to live with each other? If they can, then maybe, just maybe they can find a love worth crossing space and time.