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Sadie Dabney

Connection to Illinois: Dabney lives in Canton.

Biography: Sadie Dabney is a school counselor and mama to two beautiful babies.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Love You More, Miss You Always
ISBN: 1088128025 OCLC:

Booklees LLC 2023

From author Sadie Dabney, comes a powerful story of love, connection, and the bond between family. As the mother and daughter grow older together, their bond grows with them and changes as they change, becoming something even more beautiful as it deals with the challenges and seasons of life.

When Our Emotions Buzz
ISBN: 1088167241 OCLC:

Booklees LLC 2023

Often times emotions can get the best of us. Author, Sadie Dabney, has crafted a charming story of a mother and her son, and their unique way of working with their emotions when they start buzzing away with them.