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Evelyn Sanchez-Toledo

Born: Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Connection to Illinois: Sanchez-Toledo was raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. She attended Tuley High School and Northeastern Illinois University. She currently lives in Elmhurst.

Biography: Evelyn Sanchez-Toledo earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from Northeastern Illinois University. She has had a varied career. From teacher aide to teacher, to a unit supervisor in the insurance industry. She transitioned to a career in technology obtaining Certification from DePaul University. After 25 years in the business world, she returned to teaching realizing how much I enjoyed the children and their love for learning. Although retired, she continued to substitute and work as an interventionist. Raising her children and watching how her grandchildren grow bring her the most joy. She has always enjoyed writing and felt that now was a time to share her thoughts with others through writing books.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

BRUNA: Bailando Por El Mundo - Dancing Around The World
ISBN: 1733063528 OCLC:

Fig Factor Media LLC 2019

Bruna es una niña que le gusta jugar y usar su imaginación. Un día lluviosos, Bruna y su abuela simulan visitar diferente países alrededor del mundo y bailar sus bailes tradicionales. Ven, acompaña a Bruna y su abuela en esta aventura. Bruna is a little girl who loves to play and use her imagination. On a rainy day, Bruna and her grandmother pretend to go to different countries around the world and dance traditional dances. Come join Bruna and her grandmother on their adventure.

Diego's New America
ISBN: 0999001213 OCLC:

Fig Factor Media LLC 2017

Diego was a curious boy who liked to ask a lot of questions. One day he is assigned a project at school and he realize what he doesn’t know. Diego knew nothing about his family’s cultural heritage. Join him in learning about his family, the wonderful countries they came from and how their cultures are part of all that surrounds him.

The Adventures of Ana the Bee
ISBN: 1957058188 OCLC: 1369982097

Fig Factor Media Publishing 2022

Did you know that honeybees can visit up to 5,000 flowers in a single day? Ana is a curious worker bee that goes on an adventure to find the most beautiful flowers. Follow Ana on her trip through fields and gardens, lakes and islands, farms, and vineyards. As she buzzes near and far, she finds flowers from begonias to zinnias. How many flowers will she find before she has to return to her hive? Come join Ana on her adventure!