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Peter DeVries

Born: February 27, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: September 28, 1993 in Norwalk, Ct.

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: DeVries was born in Chicago and studied at Northwestern.

Biography: Peter DeVries was an editor and novelist known for his satiric wit.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Clinical case formulation :
ISBN: 9780470515914 OCLC: 587391579

John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK ; 2009.

Case formulation is a key skill for mental health practitioners, and this book provides examples of ten case formulations representing the most common mental health problems in a variety of populations and contexts, offering commentary on contrasting formulations of the same case.: Provides an overview of the general features of case formulation and how it can drive treatment; Features clinical cases from a variety of populations, focusing on a range of different problems; Covers all the major theoretical perspectives in clinical practice - behavioural, cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, me.

Consenting adults :
ISBN: 0316181846 OCLC: 6250353

Little, Brown, Boston : ©1980.

This is the saga of a randy young man (Ted Beacham) and his various romantic pursuits, including a four-way with the effervescent Peppermint Sisters (triplets). --W. David English at

  Consenting adults, or, The duchess will be furious /
ISBN: 0140058338 OCLC: 7278020

Penguin Books, New York, N.Y. : 1981.

  Forever panting
ISBN: 0575016795 OCLC: 4387896

Victor Gollancz, London : 1973.

Forever panting /
ISBN: 0140061886 OCLC: 7976313

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, Middelsex, England ; 1982, ©1973.

  Madder music
ISBN: 0316181900 OCLC: 3034585

Little, Brown, Boston : 1977.

Middle-aged, middle-class writer Bob Swirling copes with his puritanical upbringing, his repressed emotions and hostilities, his lack of self-confidence, and his imagined terminal illness by retreating into the identity of Groucho Marx.

Madder music /
ISBN: 0140061339 OCLC: 7976699

Penguin Books, [New York] : [1982], ©1977.

A comedy about a man unfitted for either marriage or adultery.

Peckham's marbles
ISBN: 1423358430 OCLC: 16562675

Thorndike Press 1986

  Peckham's Marbles.
ISBN: 9781501286933 OCLC: 911065655

Brilliance Audio 2015.

  Sauce for the goose
ISBN: 0316182028 OCLC: 7555583

Little, Brown, Boston : ©1981.

Daisy Dobbin sets out to study sexual harassment in business offices, and she and her sister conspirator Effie both fall in love with the same man.

Sauce for the goose /
ISBN: 0140062815 OCLC: 8386688

Penguin Books, New York : 1982, ©1981.

Slouching towards Kalamazoo /
ISBN: 0140070702 OCLC: 10275828

Penguin Books, Harmondsworth, Middlesex ; 1984, ©1983.

Anthony Thrasher is a fifteen-year-old underachiever who simply cannot grasp the mundane realities of the eighth grade. While under the tutelage of his free-spirited teacher Miss Maggie Doubloon (she has the audacity to assign The Scarlet Letter to her class), Tony suddenly finds himself a father. Miss Doubloon leaves town wearing a large "A+" emblazoned on her T-shirt and returns to her hometown of Kalamazoo. Following Maggie and their illegitimate son, Ahab, Tony meet Bubbles Breedlove -- Ahab's buxom, virginal nursemaid -- and falls madly in love with her.

The Mackerel Plaza /
ISBN: 0140086854 OCLC: 12695186

Penguin Books, New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : 1986.

  The prick of noon
ISBN: 0575037458 OCLC: 12583479

Gollancz, London : 1986, ©1985.