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Marcy Jacobs

Born: 1959
Pen Name: Jean Marcy - with author Jean A. Hutchison

Connection to Illinois: Jacobs lives in Godfrey.

Biography: Before retiring Marcy Jacobs worked at a shelter for battered women. She and her partner, Jean Hutchison, wrote the Meg Darcy mysteries.

  • -- LAMBDA Literary Award for Best Women`s Mystery, 2000, Best Lesbian Mystery , ''Mommy Deadest''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Cemetery murders :
ISBN: 0934678839 OCLC: 35718611

New Victoria Publishers, Norwich, VT : ©1997.

"Dyke PI Meg Darcy is hired to search for a serial killer who has dumped bodies of homeless women in St. Louis cemeteries. At the grisly crime scene Meg runs into Sarah Lindstrom, an attractive but aloof city police detective (known as The Ice Queen). Meg's gay comrade-in-arms, Patrick, says Lindstrom is a classic closet case, and definitely not one for Meg to crack, but Meg is determined to find romance. Torn between cooperation and competition, both Meg and Sarah let their personal passions interfere with their pursuit of the case as they strive to be the first to stop a killer." -- Publisher's description.

Dead and blonde :
ISBN: 0934678987 OCLC: 39256135

New Victoria Publishers, Norwich, Vt. : ©1998.

PI Meg Darcy and police detective Sarah Lindstrom are thrown together again. This time the case is much too personal -- Lindstrom comes home to find her ex-lover bludgeoned to death in her bed. When it becomes apparent that Lindstrom was the intended victim, Darcy rushes in to try to protect her. But Lindstrom doesn't think she needs protecting, especially by a woman who can't keep her hands to herself when she is around the strikingly handsome six-foot tall Norwegian cop.

Mommy deadest :
ISBN: 1892281120 OCLC: 43952021

New Victoria Publishers, Norwich, Vt. : ©2000.

"Who killed 'Mom, ' the beloved principal of Scott Joplin High School? Of course the police are going to blame it on a young black student last seen in her office, but the boy's aunt insists he's innocent and asks PI Marcy Darcy to investigate."--Cover.