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Dr. Richard Saul

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Dr. Saul lives in the North Suburban area of Chicago. He served as the chairman of the department of pediatrics of Highland Park Hospital and earned his M. D. at Chicago Medical School.

Biography: Dr. Saul is a professor, clinician, researcher, and radio personality. He is a medical director of an HMO and has served as the chairman of the department of pediatrics of Highland Park Hospital. He earned his M.D. at Chicago Medical School and has been a Castle and Connolly Best Doctor in Chicago for the past ten years.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

ADHD does not exist :
ISBN: 006226673X OCLC: 855362738

"Few mental disorders have been met with more controversy in recent years than Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder. An estimated 4.7% of adults, and up to 16% of children are living with ADHD in the US. However, some allege that doctors are handing out prescriptions indiscriminately. Thousands of patients respond poorly to stimulant medication, which is at times prescribed to individuals without the condition. There have been countless reports of students and professionals abusing Adderall or Ritalin to enhance their performance in the classroom and at work. Meanwhile, pharmaceutical companies have found a goldmine. Yet the symptoms of attention-deficit and hyperactivity are all-too-real for many individuals who are frequently unable to function without treatment. The controversy surrounding the medication has left these patients and their families at a frustrating standstill, with no alternative options available to them. In ADHD Does Not Exist Dr. Richard Saul offers a groundbreaking solution. After thousands of clinical trials, he has determined that ADHD is not an entity on its own, but in fact a cluster of symptoms stemming from 12 other conditions, each of which requires a separate treatment. The comprehensive list ranges from harmless conditions (poor eyesight and giftedness) to more severe illnesses (bipolar disorder). Dr. Saul takes the reader through clinical examples in which he alters peoples' lives by diagnosing the underlying cause of their attention-deficit symptoms. ADHD Does Not Exist will serve as a handbook for doctors, practitioners, educators, and individuals who are seeking an honest approach to treating ADHD. The book will also be of cultural importance, as it aims to deconstruct one of the most elusive medical conditions of our time"--