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Mary Ellen Pinzino

Connection to Illinois: Pinzino is a resident of Illinois and has been all of her life.

Biography: Mary Ellen Pinzino is the Founder/Director of the Come Children Sing Institute, a center for research and development in music learning, and she directs the Institute's Online Teacher Education Center for professional development. She is the composer of the Come Children Sing Institute SONG LIBRARY, a full resource of songs for early childhood, elementary school, and children's chorus. She has done extensive classroom research on music learning and on song in the development of children's artistry. She is the author of the e-book Letters on Music Learning, a compilation of six years of publications for music teachers from the Come Children Sing Institute, and has done comprehensive writing on the process of music learning for the online courses and for various music educator organizations' publications. Mary Ellen has taught all ages from birth through graduate students, including many years of conducting children's choruses and teaching early childhood music, several years as conductor of high school and college choruses, and many years teaching teachers. She has presented nationally and internationally for music educators' organizations, including the American Choral Directors Association, the National Association for Music Education, the International Society for Music Education, the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, the Organization of American Kodaly Educators, Suzuki Institutes, the Gordon Institute for Music Learning, and music teacher conferences in Portugal, Indonesia, and Lithuania. She received Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, and studied extensively with Edwin Gordon.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

  Giving Voice to Children's Artistry: A Guide for Music Teachers and Choral Conductors
ISBN: 0197606520 OCLC:

Oxford University Press 2021

This book addresses the development of children's artistry in the music classroom and children's chorus. It unveils children's artistry, identifying its characteristic behaviors, its progression of development and necessary components for growth, and guides the practical application of principles addressed. The book addresses the development of children's artistry from the perspective of both the choral art and the process of music learning, with each informing the other, rooting artistry in music learning and developing artistry in an ongoing manner throughout childhood. It presents the musical mind as the gateway to children's artistry. It discusses the power of movement in the embodiment of children's artistry. It examines song and its role in the development of children's artistry, demonstrating how rhythm, melody, and text, independently and together, influence children's developing artistry musically, expressively, and vocally, at all ages and stages. Musical examples throughout demonstrate principles presented, provide professional development with tonalities, meters, movement, and songs, and offer a multitude of songs of increasing difficulty for the music classroom and children's chorus that compel the musical mind, prompt artistic expression, and enable vocal technique. Practices and techniques that facilitate the development of children's artistry are included, and the book can be used with any methodology. This book leads teachers to draw artistry out of every child and draw every child into the choral art. Content is intended for application with children from kindergarten through seventh grade, though it is also appropriate with older singers in the process of developing artistry --