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Carl Armstrong

Connection to Illinois: Armstrong lives and works in the suburbs of Chicago.

Biography: When not moonlighting as an author, Carl Armstrong teaches high school science. Frequent trips to prairies and forests with a dog, a thermos, and a camera are par for the course. Occasional twenty- or thirty- mile bike rides aren't out of the question when it's warm out.

  • They Left One Tree Semi-Finalist, Illinois Soon To Be Famous Manuscript Contest, and Honorable Mention, Prism Prize for Climate Literature

Primary Literary Genre(s): Science Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

They Left One Tree

Dalea Publishing 2022

THE JOURNEY OF A LIFETIME. THE GAMBLE OF A LIFE. Five hundred years from now, Earth's three billion citizens look up to their solar system after centuries of retreating from every environment on the planet. A hushed-up discovery, too impossible to believe, but too important to ignore, sends astrobiology professor Jack Wilson away from his home in Chicago. Alone, he undertakes a quiet journey through a landscape almost nobody has stepped in for centuries: the interior of North America. Success could rewrite history-the world's, and his family's. Failure risks the lives of his friends, including one he hasn't seen for a decade.