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Myrtle Reed

Born: September 27, 1874, in Norwood Park, Chicago, Illinois
Died: August 17, 1911 in Chicago, Illinois

Pen Name: Olive Green

Connection to Illinois: Reed was a native Chicagoan.

Biography: Myrtle Reed graduated from the West Division High School. In 1906 she was married to James Sydney McCullough, a Canadian editor, after a 15 year courtship. She wrote under her own name, but also published a series of cook books under the pseudonym of Olive Green. President Theodore Roosevelt read Reed's The Book of Clever Beasts (1904) and wrote her a letter in praise of it.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

  A Spinner in the Sun
ISBN: 0526787384 OCLC:

Wentworth Press 2019

  A Weaver of Dreams

G.P. Putnam's Sons 1911

  Flower of the Dusk
ISBN: 0526667710 OCLC:

Wentworth Press 2019

  How to Cook Fish
ISBN: 1374969532 OCLC:

Pinnacle Press 2017

  How to cook fish
ISBN: 1173286837 OCLC:

Nabu Press 2010

  How to Cook Shell-Fish
ISBN: 0469382589 OCLC:

Wentworth Press 2019

  How to Cook Vegetables
ISBN: 1340789728 OCLC:

Palala Press 2015

  Lavender and old Lace
ISBN: 1296806820 OCLC:

Andesite Press 2015

  Love Letters Of A Musician

G. P. Putnam's Sons 1900

  Master of the Vineyard
ISBN: 1363968327 OCLC:

Wentworth Press 2016

  Myrtle Reed, best novels
ISBN: 1548743518 OCLC:

CreateSpace 2017

  Old Rose and Silver
ISBN: 1357804741 OCLC:

Palala Press 2016

  One Thousand Salads
ISBN: 1355573130 OCLC:

Palala Press 2016

  One Thousand Simple Soups
ISBN: 1340945835 OCLC:

Palala Press 2015

  The Book of Clever Beasts (Studies in Unnatural History)
ISBN: 1347111654 OCLC:

Palala Press 2015

  The Myrtle Reed Cook Book
ISBN: 1167310454 OCLC:

Kessinger Publishing, LLC 2010

  The Spinster Book
ISBN: 0469717823 OCLC:

Wentworth Press 2019