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Chuck Okofor

Connection to Illinois: Okofor moved to Chicago in 1994.

Biography: Chuck Okofor holds a master's degree in Curriculum Studies and taught in Nigeria for 18 years before emigrating to America in 1994 with his family. In Chicago, he cared for his four children, while his wife worked as a nurse. He initially drove a cab out of necessity but grew to love it. After 17 years, Chuck retired with a clean driving record.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

I'm Not a Crazy Cabbie: A Memoir of a Chicago Cabdriver
ISBN: 1491735694 OCLC:

iUniverse 2014

Every day, in every city in the world, people climb into cabs, but how much thought do they really give to the driver? How much do they know about their story, their lives, and their abilities? In his native Nigeria, Chuck Okofor earned a master's degree and taught English literature and English as a second language. In the early 1990s, his family immigrated to the United States with their four young children. His wife worked as a nurse, and Chuck cared for their children during the day. Out of necessity, Chuck took what he thought would be a temporary job as a cab driver, but he grew to love it. In, his memoir, this veteran Chicago driver invites you inside the front seat of the cab. For seventeen years, Chuck was one of almost twenty thousand men and women who took on the challenge of navigating the Windy City's crazy roads and often-crazier drivers. Now, he gives readers an insider's view into the life of a Chicago cabbie. You'll learn about the complicated relationship shared by cabbies, cops, and the courts; the challenges of driving a cab in daunting Chicago traffic; and what good drivers like Chuck think of cab-service thieves. You'll be amazed at some of the encounters he's had with passengers, including women of easy virtue. Chuck also shares valuable tips into staying safe in traffic, reducing stress behind the wheel, and the real hazards of Chicago roads.