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Marcie Roman

Connection to Illinois: Roman lives just outside of Chicago. She has an undergraduate degree in Film at Northwestern University.

Biography: Marcie Roman grew up in Baltimore and now lives just outside of Chicago, where she finds her way into alternate universes through writing, reading, and her work in film and theater production. She has an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts and a BS in Speech from Northwestern University. Winner of the 2020 Kraken Book Prize for Middle-Grade fiction, Journey to the Parallels is her first novel.

  • Journey to the Parallels 2020 Kraken Book Prize for Middle-Grade Fiction

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Journey to the Parallels
ISBN: 1646032187 OCLC: 1264162921

Fitzroy Books 2022

Twelve-year-old Amber has the ordinary problems of a seventh grader: strained friendships, an annoying younger brother and, ugh, why can’t her unconventional mother just act normal for once? When her wish comes true, Amber suspects it’s not just her mother’s behavior that’s changed, but her actual mother! So where did her real mother go? Amber puts her best investigative efforts to work and discovers that one of her mother’s silly claims—that they can view a parallel world in the window of an old industrial building—might not be so silly after all. Amber reminds us that everyone, including mathematically-challenged tweens with friend and family issues, has within them the power to effect change.