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Eileen R. Meyer

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Meyer grew up in Waukegan and currently lives in Hinsdale.

Biography: Eileen Meyer's poetry has appeared in numerous children's magazines, and she enjoys presenting interactive writing workshops to grade school students.

  • """The Superlative A Lincoln"""
  • -- Silver Award for Older Children’s Literature, Florida Book Awards, 2019
  • -- ILLINOIS READS Book Selection, Illinois Reading Council, 2020

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

Ballpark /
ISBN: 1477847197 OCLC: 861206944

Two Lions, New York, NY : 2014.

A boy and his grandpa are heading to their first big league baseball game together. They'll cheer on their team, keep an eye out for fly balls, eat some peanuts, and hopefully watch their team win the game! Eileen R. Meyer's charming rhymes bring to life all the sights and sounds of the big game, while Carlynn Whitt's adorable characters showcase all the fun and action of a day at the ballpark.

Sweet dreams, wild animals! :
ISBN: 9780878426379 OCLC: 893317079

Fourteen animals are featured in this delightful poem, including the cuddly koala, the hairy anteater, and the wise owl. Natural history notes explain how each animal sleeps, from the magnificent frigatebird that sleeps while flying hundreds of feet above the sea to the walrus that sleeps with its tusks anchored in floating ice. Illustrator Laurie Caple has captured these dozing animals in whimsical watercolors that will help any weary child fall to sleep with a smile. Treat your children, grandchildren, and yourself to this sure winner of a bedtime story.--

The superlative A. Lincoln :
ISBN: 1580899374 OCLC: 1076369997

Get to know the personal side of Honest Abe (his LEAST FAVORITE nickname) through fresh and funny poems expressing his superlative nature.

Who's faster? :
ISBN: 0878425926 OCLC: 795575101

Mountain Press, Missoula, Mont. : ©2012.

The cheetah may be the fastest land mammal, but is it the fastest animal of all? Or does the award go to a soaring bird, slithering snake, or sailing fish? The fourteen animals presented in Who’s Faster? span a range of speeds, from the slow crawl of a sloth to the breakneck blur of the fastest animal in the world. With lyrical text, author Eileen Meyer describes each animal’s unique movement and then asks readers, “Who’s faster?” Kids won’t be able to stop turning the pages until they find out who’s fastest. Beautiful watercolors by award-winning illustrator Constance Bergum capture each animal’s graceful movement and include intricate details of hooves, whiskers, fins, and feathers. An appendix provides more information about each animal.