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Karla Clark

Born: 1959 in Rockford, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Clark is a Rockford native. She also lived in Chicago for four years. Two of her novels are set in Chicago and one is set in Rockford.

Biography: When Karla Clark was a young girl she dreamed of being an artist or a novelist and she is blessed to be both. She has written three novels, a book of short stories, and a children's book. She lives in Rockford, Illinois, with her husband and autistic adult son. 'By day, I am a sales rep; by night...I write!'


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers; Children


Selected Titles

Annie's heaven :
ISBN: 143890567X OCLC: 297633485

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, IN : 2008.

Have you ever wondered if your lost loved ones can look down on you from Heaven? Annie Langdon can. And what she sees is a family falling apart. It's been a year since her tragic death and still her husband and three children can't seem to get it together. Help comes when three kooky blonde bombshells move in next door and turn their lives upside down. In her latest novel, Annie's Heaven, Karla Clark intimately explores the themes of life and afterlife, family secrets, sibling rivalry, and death-defying love.

Between courses :
ISBN: 1410759687 OCLC: 54527751

1st Books Library, Bloomington, IN : 2003.

Everybody and Their Brother.
ISBN: 9781524658892 OCLC: 973282252

Authorhouse 2017.

Knotted pearls :
ISBN: 1418492973 OCLC: 60523446

AuthorHouse, Bloomington, Ind. : ©2004.

Three ways to be brave :
ISBN: 0593222423 OCLC: 1200580642

In this collection of rhyming stories, children conquer their fears and find inner strength during a nighttime thunderstorm, the first day of school, and a doctor's visit.

You be Daddy /
ISBN: 1250225396 OCLC: 1158581732

A father tells his child that he's simply too tired to be Daddy tonight and asks his son to take over for him.

You be mommy /
ISBN: 1250225388 OCLC: 1089281962

"Mommy's too tired to be Mommy tonight. Can you be Mommy and hold me tight? In this clever, rhyming picture book, a mother tells her child that she's simply too tired to be Mommy tonight and asks her daughter to take over for her." -- Dust jacket.