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Brenda Cardenas

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: She has taught at the Wright College in Chicago and the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Biography: Brenda Cardenas has taught Latina/o Studies, Latin American Literature, Contemporary American Literature and writing courses at the Wright College in Chicago, University of Michigan, Wayne State University and the University of Illinois in Chicago.She has had poems published in ''Bum Rush the Page: A Def Poetry Jam'', ''After Hours'', ''RATTLE: Poetry for the 21st Century'', ''Learning by Heart: Contemporaryy American Poetry About School'', ''Under the Pomegranate Tree: The Best New Latino Erotica'', ''Paririe Schooner'', ''Tamaqua'' and others.

  • 2000 Illinois Arts Council Finalist Award in Poetry 2002 Award from Chicago Women in Publishing for editing ''Between the Heart and the Land''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Poetry

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Selected Titles

Boomerang :
ISBN: 9781931010535 OCLC: 231032108

In Boomerang, Brenda Cárdenas creates a vibrant, syncretic space open to many voices, perspectives, and tongues. Here, whatever is made is in motion. Cárdenas casts a line of English, and it returns to her in Spanish. She spins lyrically taut free verse; sculpts prose poems, sapphics, and sonnets; and punches the rhythms of spoken word in what Juan Felipe Herrera has called a sonic calligraphy, hand-thrown spirals of spirit. Whether telling stories of displaced peoples and places, responding to Chicano art, or meditating on language itself, Cárdenas strikes a deliberately tenuous balance between self-assurance and loss, all the while on a journey toward the interconnectedness that she calls