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Lauren Jankowski

Born: 1984 in Evanston, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Jankowski was born in Evanston and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Biography: Lauren Jankowski, an openly aromantic asexual feminist activist and author from Illinois, has been an avid reader and a genre feminist for most of her life. She holds a degree in Women and Genders Studies from Beloit College. In 2015, she founded 'Asexual Artists,' a Tumblr and WordPress site dedicated to highlighting the contributions of asexual identifying individuals to the arts.She has been writing fiction since high school, when she noticed a lack of strong women in the popular genre books. When she's not writing or researching, she enjoys reading (particularly anything relating to ancient myths) or playing with her pets. She participates in activism for asexual visibility and feminist causes. She has spoken at various conventions such as C2E2, WisCon, and the NWSA annual conference. She hopes to bring more strong heroines to literature, including badass asexual women. Her ongoing fantasy series is 'The Shape Shifter Chronicles,' which is published through Snowy Wings Publishing.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  From the ashes
ISBN: 9781946202468 OCLC: 1012712735

The protectors are about to discover the truth behind the stories. A list of names connected to the sinister Grenich Corporation and a massacre at a nightclub puts them on a collision course with the mysterious woman, known only as Blitz. Hers is a tale of revenge and death, of blood and violence. She holds the answer to the mystery of the glowing-eyes. Will the protectors survive their inevitable encounter with the wrathful woman?

Haunted by the Keres
ISBN: 9781946202475 OCLC: 1012787925

A brutal attack on the rebel Lair signifies an escalation in the war against Grenich. The guardians' strict policy of neutrality means the shape shifters must reforge old alliances with other species. However, the blood feuds between the two different species are not easily forgotten. Meanwhile, the Four try to figure out a way to strike at Set. A question looms over them: can experiments learn how to be protectors, even when it goes against all their instincts? The answer could determine the outcome of the war against Grenich.

Sere from the Green
ISBN: 9781946202444 OCLC: 1012815097

Isis is a woman who lives a normal life until the day she photographs a murder scene for her job. When the body disappears from her photographs, isis is determined to solve the mystery. Her investigation uncovers answers about her own past and sets her on a journey that will change her life forever.

Sere from the Green /
ISBN: 1482534835 OCLC: 962264814

The dwelling of Ekhidna /
ISBN: 1946202207 OCLC: 1012579054

The home of the guardians, the Meadows, has always been a place of peace and safety, untouched by the ongoing war against the Grenich Corporation. But that could only last so long. at Set. A question looms over them: can experiments learn how to be protectors, even when it goes against all their instincts? The answer could determine the outcome of the war against Grenich. During the guardians' autumn celebration, a bomb goes off, shattering the Meadows tranquility. In the aftermath of a tragedy, a deadly virus is released that afflicts only healers. The only cure to the virus is hidden in the Seelie Court, in a location that only one knows: Eris, a legendary trickster, locked away in the dungeons of the Pearl Castle for her crimes against the peoples of Earth. When the Four are forced into a temporary alliance with the unpredictable Eris, their journey becomes more perilous than anyone expected.

Through storm and night /
ISBN: 1946202452 OCLC: 1012775837

Months have passed since Isis', a shape shifter/guardian hybrid and member of the prophesied Four, narrow escape from the Obsidian Manor. The Four still haven't found answers about the mysterious Coop and their search for the Key has yielded nothing but more questions. When an old alliance is reforged, the Four are thrown into another mystery. Who are the strange shape shifters known only as the "glowing-eyes" and what is their connection to the odd symbol and vanishing bodies?