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John Manderino

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: John is a Riverdale, Illinois native.

Biography: JOHN MANDERINO lives in Maine with his wife Marie, where he teaches college writing and provides coaching and editing services to other writers. He has published three novels, a collection of short stories and a memoir with Academy Chicago. John has also written plays that have been performed at theater festivals and other venues. A stage version of his memoir Crying at Movies was recently produced.


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Selected Titles

  Crying at movies :
ISBN: 0897335805 OCLC: 227031254

Academy Chicago Publishers, Chicago : 2008.

In this witty memoir, Manderino shows us how the pivotal points of his life have been enmeshed with movie moments. It is at once a love-letter to an art form and a humorous appreciation of the distinctions between movie scenes and life's realities.

Reason for leaving :
ISBN: 089733499X OCLC: 606732205

Academy Chicago, Chicago : 2001.

On a job application, there's that tricky question: reason for leaving? John Manderino's answers are collected here in this hilarious novel tracing the history of a guy trying to grow up job by job. Delivery boy, altar boy, busboy, teacher, cotton picker, umpire, Zen monkManderino's protagonist tries on one hat after another.

Sam and his brother Len /
ISBN: 0897334078 OCLC: 624424243

Academy Chicago Publishers, Chicago : 1994.

The story of two brothers and the way they cope with their differences. Sam searches for meaning, reads Dostoyevsky and tries Oriental mysticism, Len is into hockey and plans to marry his high school sweetheart. Told from alternate points of view.

  The H-bomb and the Jesus rock
ISBN: 9780897337809 OCLC: 879372158

It's Saturday, october 27, 1962, the darkest day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Two children, Ralph and his little sister Lou, are searching for empty bottles in a vacant lot when they discover a rock whichto them, at leastlooks quite a lot like Jesus. Ralph immediately declares it a Possible Holy Object. And, since his fondest wish is to be a boy-in-a-story, he earnestly places himself and Lounow his sidekickin a tale featuring the sacred rock as the key to nothing less than saving the world from nuclear annihilation. But there's another boy, Tobyolder, shrewder, and quite a bit largerwho has very different plans for the rock, intending to use it as a lucrative sideshow exhibit, complete with fliers: Is it Jesus? Or just a rock? You decide! Hovering over the children and their small-scale war is the general anxiety and dread attending the most perilous moment in our history. As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis, John Manderino's The H-bomb and the Jesus Rock provides a unique, children's-eye view of that near-Armageddon.

  The man who once played catch with Nellie Fox :
ISBN: 089733597X OCLC: 320805188

Academy Chicago Publishers, Chicago : 2009.