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Raymond Koch

Born: 1910
Pen Name: Charles Raymond

Connection to Illinois: Koch lived in Chicago for many years. He died while living in Roger's Park, Illinois in 1994.

Biography: Koch was a self-employed carpenter, 1950-72. In the 1960's, he wrote children's books with his wife, Charlotte Koch, under joint pen name of Charles Raymond. In 1972 Koch and his wife also published an account of Commonwealth College entitled Educational Community.Koch was involved in various social causes throughout his life. During the late 1920s and 1930s he studied and taught at Commonwealth College in Mena, Arkansas, where impoverished students received an education in exchange for twenty hours of work per week. Koch later served as educational director for the electrical workers union in St. Louis, Missouri, and from 1950 to 1972 he worked as a carpenter.

  • ''Best Juvenile Novel Award'' from Friends of American Writers for ''Jud''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

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Selected Titles

  Educational commune :
ISBN: 0805234640 OCLC: 508304