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Troy Taylor

Born: 1966 in Decatur, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Taylor was born in Decatur, Illinois and currently resides in Chicago's West Loop area.

Biography: Troy Taylor is an occultist, supernatural historian and the author of 73 books on ghosts, hauntings, history, crime and the unexplained in America. He is also the founder of the American Ghost Society and the owner of the Illinois and American Hauntings Tour companies.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Beyond the grave :
ISBN: 1892523124 OCLC: 46803296

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©2001.

Bloody Chicago :
ISBN: 1892523485 OCLC: 123434860

Whitechapel Productions Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2006.

Bloody Hollywood :
ISBN: 1892523604 OCLC: 276298095

Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Ill. : 2008.

Bloody Illinois :
ISBN: 1892523582 OCLC: 226970002

Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2008.

Confessions of a ghost hunter :
ISBN: 1892523280 OCLC: 54366944

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : 2001.

  Dark harvest :
ISBN: 0965149757 OCLC: 37756655

Whitechapel Productions, Forsyth, Ill. : ©1997.

Dead men do tell tales :
ISBN: 1892523566 OCLC: 245539240

Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Illinois : 2008.

Down in the darkness :
ISBN: 1892523310 OCLC: 54983941

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©2003.

  Fables for the female sex.
ISBN: 1290004390 OCLC: 940832191

Hardpress Publishing, [Place of publication not identified] : 2012.

Field guide to haunted graveyards :
ISBN: 1892523345 OCLC: 55508355

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : 2003.

Flickering images :
ISBN: 9781892523150 OCLC: 62866720

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©2001.

Ghost hunter's guidebook :
ISBN: 9781892523044 OCLC: 173262178

Covers ghost-hunting investigation techniques, detection equipment, spirit communication, cameras and photo analysis, historical research and more!

Ghosts of Millikin :
ISBN: 1892523140 OCLC: 48683438

Whitechapel Productions, Forsyth, Ill. : ©2001.

  Ghosts of Springfield
ISBN: 0965149749 OCLC: 37765469

Whitechapel Productions, Forsyth, Ill. : ©1997.

The new series of books by author Troy Taylor begins with a historical look at the many ghosts of Springfield, Illinois and the many ghost stories and legends surrounding the most famous resident of the city, Abraham Lincoln. For the first time, all of the supernatural tales of the great president have been collected in a single book, from his early visions to his afterlife wanderings. Explore with the author as he takes you into the catacombs of the Lincoln burial vault, his haunted former home, the ghostly basements of the Springfield Theatre Center, the spirited past of the Lake Club and beyond.

Ghosts on film :
ISBN: 1892523396 OCLC: 65288754

Whitechapel Productions Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2005.

Haunted Alton :
ISBN: 1892523086 OCLC: 45403327

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©1999.

Haunted Decatur revisited :
ISBN: 1892523108 OCLC: 45424081

Whitechapel Productions, Alton, Ill. : ©2000.

Haunted Illinois :
ISBN: 1892523019 OCLC: 57376184

From haunted houses to ghostly graveyards, the state of Illinois is one of the most spirited spots in America when it comes to a rich history that is filled with hauntings, legends and lore. In this new edition, the reader returns once more to the haunted cities and desolate prairies of the state and is treated to more than 50 new stories and locations.

Haunted New Orleans :
ISBN: 9781614232599 OCLC: 893089850

New Orleans--the Big Easy, the birthplace of jazz, home of Cafe du Monde and what some call the most haunted city in America. Beneath the indulgence and revelry of the Crescent City lies a long history of the dark and mysterious. From the famous Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau, who is said to haunt the site of her grave, to the wicked LaLauries, whose true natures were hidden behind elegance and the trappings of high society, New Orleans is filled with spirits of all kinds. Some of the ghosts in these stories have sordid and scandalous histories, while others are friendly specters who simply can't leave their beloved city behind. Join supernatural historian Troy Taylor as he takes readers beyond the French Quarter and shows a side of New Orleans never seen.

Haunted St. Louis :
ISBN: 1892523205 OCLC: 49981985

St. Louis ghosts, legends & lore! Welcome to Haunted St. Louis ... one of the grand cities of the Mississippi River, the gateway to the western frontier and a very haunted place! This is no mere book of ghost stories by a page-turning account of how history and hauntings have shaped the city, from the early days to the 1904 World's Fair, the bloodbath of Prohibition and beyond. Taylor plunges the reader headlong into the mysterious past, violent history and bloody deeds of this great city, intertwining these events with tales of ghosts, hauntings and the unsolved!

  Into the shadows :
ISBN: 9780760790786 OCLC: 221640206

Barnes & Noble, New York : 2007.

Collected tales of ... ghosts and hauntings ... unsolved murders, mysterious disappearances, the paranormal and the unexplained--Page 4 of cover.

Monsters of Illinois :
ISBN: 9780811736404 OCLC: 774393944

Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg, PA : ©2011.

Taylor brings together the unexplained and the mysterious of Illinois in his Monsters of Illinois. Included are the tales of the Big Muddy Monster, the Piasa Bird, the Mad Gasser of Mattoon, and other strange creatures, including vampires, alligators in the sewer, out-of-place panthers, thunderbirds, and lake monsters.

  More haunted Decatur
ISBN: 0965149706 OCLC: 34704409

Whitechapel Productions, Forsyth, Ill. : 1996.

  Murder & mayhem in Chicago's downtown /
ISBN: 1596296941 OCLC: 437115699

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2009.

Murder & mayhem in Chicago's Vice Districts /
ISBN: 1596296925 OCLC: 460052681

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2009.

Murder & mayhem on Chicago's North Side
ISBN: 9781614232988 OCLC: 798806782

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2009.

In 1929, Chicago gangster Al Capone arranged a special St. Valentine's Day delivery for his favorite arch enemies: a massacre. Seven North Side mobsters were left dead. Yet random killings and bizarre murders were not unfamiliar in Chicago. Tales of the city's most violent and puzzling murders make this gripping work truly hair-raising: a deranged stalker kills his love object and then himself; a sausage maker uses the tools of his trade to rid himself of his wife; and a meticulous serial killer cleans his dead victims' wounds before taping them closed. Through accounts dripping with mystery, gory details and suspense, Troy Taylor brilliantly tells the twisted history of the worst of Chicago's North Side.

  Murder & mayhem on Chicago's North Side /
ISBN: 1596296445 OCLC: 310171788

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2009.

Murder & mayhem on Chicago's South Side
ISBN: 1625841132 OCLC: 957655840

History Press, Charleston, SC : ©2009.

Lurking below the Loop, behind the industry-driven energy of Chicago, lies the mysterious criminal underworld of the South Side. Recounting criminal exploits of legends like Alphonse Capone, as well as lesser-known stories like the Car Barn Bandits, Troy Taylor captures the intricacies of the most infamous stories of Chicago's South Side. From the gruesome murders committed by the unassuming H.H. Holmes to the mysterious death of Marshall Field Jr., join Taylor as he revisits the South Side's prosperous middle-class days and vividly depicts the strange and horrific crimes that have cast new light on the character of these too often overlooked neighborhoods.

  Murder & mayhem on Chicago's South Side /
ISBN: 1596296976 OCLC: 317697780

History Press, Charleston, SC : ©2009.

  Murder & mayhem on Chicago's West Side /
ISBN: 1596296933 OCLC: 319247402

History Press, Charleston, SC : 2009.

Mysterious Illinois :
ISBN: 1892523434 OCLC: 70913906

Whitechapel Productions Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2006.

No rest for the wicked :
ISBN: 1892523132 OCLC: 48232824

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : 2001.

Out past the campfire light :
ISBN: 1892523353 OCLC: 62958681

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : 2004.

Resurrection Mary :
ISBN: 9781892523501 OCLC: 170666043

Whitechapel Productions Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2007.

  Spirits of the Civil War :
ISBN: 0760791406 OCLC: 241298831

Barnes & Noble, New York : 2007, ©1999.

Join author Troy Taylor as he takes you on a spell-binding journey through the historic events of the Civil War! This is a fascinating guide to both the strange history and ghostly locations of the war, including tales that are told here for the first time.

The devil came to St. Louis :
ISBN: 1892523469 OCLC: 76272465

Whitechapel Productions Press, Decatur, Ill. : 2006.

The haunting of America :
ISBN: 1892523175 OCLC: 49000297

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©2001.

"Join author Troy Taylor in search of America's most haunted places, and the strangest historical ghost stories ever told, in his new series about historical hauntings! Travel to New England in search of Dudleytown, roam the haunted battlefields at Gettysburg, hunt for ghosts in historic Mammoth Cave, wander through the Winchester Mansion and get lost at Bachelors Grove Cemetery... and that's only the beginning!"--Back cover.

The possessed :
ISBN: 1892523558 OCLC: 178037050

A Dark Haven Entertainment Book from Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Ill. : 2007.

True crime, Illinois :
ISBN: 9780811735629 OCLC: 243960499

Illinois was in many ways born in blood. From the early days of piracy to twentieth-century mob massacres, the state has been plagued with some of the worst crimes in history. This book begins with a general overview of crime in the state and then focuses on its headline stories. Included are the cases of the Murder Castle of H. H. Holmes, the intellectual thrill killers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, the bloody St. Valentine's Day Massacre involving Al Capone's South Side mob and Bugs Morans North Side gang, the eight nurses brutally butchered by Richard Speck, and the horrifying rape and slaughter of 33 young men by Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy.

Weird Chicago :
ISBN: 9781892523594 OCLC: 276310667

Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2008.

Weird Illinois :
ISBN: 9781402788253 OCLC: 789687850

Sterling, New York : ©2005.

Explores bizarre sights and stories found in Illinois.

Weird Indiana :
ISBN: 9781454901006 OCLC: 179788939

Sterling Pub., New York : ©2008.

Discover the places in Indiana where tourists usually don't venture-- it's chock-full of oddball curiosities, ghostly places, local legends, crazy characters, cursed roads, and peculiar roadside attractions.

Weird Virginia :
ISBN: 9781402778414 OCLC: 135153192

Sterling Pub., New York, NY : ©2007.

Where the dead walk :
ISBN: 189252323X OCLC: 55535406

Whitechapel Productions Press, Alton, Ill. : ©2002.

Wicked Washington :
ISBN: 9781614235293 OCLC: 1059357333

Arcadia Publishing, Mount Pleasant : 2007.

America's seat of power is also the seat of corruption, killings, and salacious scandals-from the author of Haunted New Orleans. An addictive and fascinating read that traces the criminal history of our nation's capital, from the bloody site of the city's most famous murder to dark deeds involving politicians from both sides of the aisle. Includes a look at the mysteries surrounding the Lincoln assassination, death by duels, the infamous Washington Vampire, presidential mysteries and scandals and the strange tale of the first murderer to be found guilty by reason of insanity-a man who went on to lead troops during the Civil War. Includes photos!

Without a trace :
ISBN: 9781892523662 OCLC: 456565578

Whitechapel Press, Decatur, Ill. : ©2009.