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Cynthia Tottleben

Born: 1970 in Greencastle, IN
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: I grew up in Greencastle, IN, and after several years in Colorado transferred with my job to the Peoria, IL area. My family has since transplanted to the Toulon area, and I currently work in Galesburg.

Biography: A transplant from Greencastle, IN, I received a B.A. in History from Indiana University. I am currently employed as a retail manager in Galesburg, IL. While I only have one book in paperback, I also have a novel, ''THE NEVERLIGHT'', as an ebook. I have blogged for several years on the Mother Nature Network ( as a local correspondent for our fine state.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  The Final Chamber
ISBN: 9781458008398 OCLC: 933525681

Although she didn't know how her story would end, she knew it wouldn't end well. For anyone.She has vowed to be a good mother. To honor, love, and raise her adopted daughter in a home that promises to be a sanctuary and offer her safety after years of abuse and horrendous neglect. But to her daughter, Jessie, the love is unfamiliar and frightening.Home becomes a combat zone, the walls painted with the white rage and constant barrage of hatred Jessie unleashes. Her psychological problems fester for years, growing more violent, causing the family to slowly unravel. When Jessie kills the beloved family cat, she triggers such terror that no one in her wake will ever be the same.Especially Mom, who is determined to do the right thing and protect everyone involved. From Jessie. From herself. From the people who caused them both so much pain.Even if she has to do it one bullet at a time.