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W.G. Robinson-McNeese, MD

Born: East St. Louis 1948
Died: Springfield, Illinois September 18, 2023

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: McNeese was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. He lived in Chicago and Park Forest for 4 years while an emergency medicine resident; worked in Kankakee for 11 years as an emergency physician; and lived in Springfield until his death.

Biography: Rev. Wesley Robinson-McNeese, M.D., a re-emergent essayist and poet, put his writing on hold for a time while pursuing a medical education and career as an emergency physician (1976-2004). In 2001 he was ordained as a minister in the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana. McNeese is a Vietnam veteran who came home from the Air Force in 1969. While in the military, he won his first writing award for an essay titled ''America for All Americans'' (1968). Prior to undergraduate college and medical school, the redoubtable McNeese worked for three years (1973-76) as editor of his hometown, weekly newspaper, ''The Crusader'' East St. Louis, Illinois. During that time, he wrote news articles and a weekly editorial column, ''Beneath the Surface'', for a predominantly African American audience. McNeese also penned an essay for St. Louis, Missouri's ''PROUD'' Magazine. ''So Darn Much Potential'' (1975). Shortly after starting college in 1976, McNeese had a poem titled ''My Sons'' published in the ''Raspberry Cluster'', the literary magazine of Anderson University in Indiana. In medical school, he found time to serve as editor and contribute articles to the ''Student National Medical Association News'', a quarterly journal for minority students (1983-85). Now that McNeese has left the emergency department, he works as executive assistant to the Dean for Diversity, Multicultural and Minority Affairs, Southern Illinois University (SIU) School of Medicine. McNeese holds appointments in the Departments of Medical Humanities and Internal Medicine. Dr. McNeese now seeks to resuscitate his writing career. At SIU, he received a second-place award for his essay ''Tibiletti's Boots'' (2006) and a first-place award for prose for an essay titled ''A Southend Sunday Morning'' (2007). Both writings appeared in the school's literary journal, SCOPE. McNeese's most recent poem, ''Face to Face'' (2008) won a second-place award in ''SCOPE'' and was selected for publication in ''Quiddity'', an international literary journal and public radio show produced by Springfield College-Benedictine University. This most recent poem was also solicited for broadcast on Illinois Public Radio's hub-station WUIS/WIPA. McNeese is Pastor of the New Mission Church of God, Springfield, Illinois and former President of the Ministerial Alliance of Springfield and Vicinity. His undergraduate education was at Anderson University, Indiana, Illinois State University-Normal and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. His medical training was at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and then a residency at McGaw Medical Center, Northwestern Medical School, Chicago, Illinois.

  • Tibiletti’s Boots 2006 - Second place award for essay,
  • A Southend Sunday Morning 2007 - First place award for prose for essay,
  • Face to Face 2008 - Second place award in ''SCOPE'' for poem

Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A south end Sunday dawning :
ISBN: 1625104677 OCLC: 852733721

In this mid-twentieth century redemption story, author Reverend Dr. McNeese examines a crucial period in the lives of two main characters, Reverend Steven and Virginia Thompson. The couple's marital struggles are exacerbated by destitute surroundings in racially segregated East St. Louis, Illinois of 1959. Through this work of historical fiction, McNeese meticulously chronicles the collapse of the Thompsons workaday world during a decisive weekend, detailing their downward spiral against the backdrop of a city's maximized workforce and declining economic base.

Can we do that?.
ISBN: 1615662855 OCLC: 945993235

Tate Pub & Enterprises Ll, [Place of publication not identified] : 2010.

Is it okay to masturbate? What about oral sex? Is sex only biblical in the missionary position? Many Christians all across America are plagued by these questions and more, as they pursue a holy union with their chosen mate. The bible can often seem unclear on questions about what is okay and what is not when it comes to a sex life with a spouse. Thankfully, this confusion need last no longer. In Can We Do That? Author Reverend Doctor Wesley McNeese addresses all these issues from a biblical standpoint, covering every facet of sexuality from spousal rape to sexual thought. This provocative writing explores the theology of sexuality and encourages Christian couples to reexamine their sex lives. So, Can We Do That? The answer might surprise you.