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Eckhard Gerdes

Born: 1959
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Gerdes lives in Geneva, Illinois and attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Biography: Gerdes is an American novelist and editor. He earned his MFA in creative writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Belighted fiction
ISBN: 0595184367 OCLC: 49387955

Writers Club Press ; San Jose, Calif. : ©2001.

Cistern Tawdry /
ISBN: 1879193094 OCLC: 182581725

How to read /
ISBN: 1935738682 OCLC: 1030897253

"The dominant method of reading works for simple linear texts, but it is by no means the only way to go about reading and excludes many other types of texts. In How to Read, veteran novelist, editor and educator Eckhard Gerdes reveals 81 different approaches for reading, opening up new horizons that restrictive educators have been blocking from view for far too long. This innovative guidebook will enrich the experience of textuality for young and old readers alike."--Back cover.

  Hugh Moore
ISBN: 9780984603763 OCLC: 755926811

CCM (Civil Coping Mechanism), [Palo Alto, California?] : ©2011.

John Barth, bearded bards & splitting hairs /
ISBN: 059520466X OCLC: 229457826

Writers Club Press ; San Jose, Calif. : ©2001.

My landlady the lobotomist /
ISBN: 1933293608 OCLC: 233592014

Raw Dog Screaming Press, Hyattsville, MD : ©2008.

  Przewalkski's horse
ISBN: 9781597092036 OCLC: 835771031

Red Hen Press, Los Angeles : 2005.

Przewalski's horse :
ISBN: 1597090204 OCLC: 138012693

Red Hen Press, Los Angeles, Calif. : ©2007.

"Keith and Shelly Fine have been living a typical working class life in Dubuque, Iowa. He's a postal worker, they have a little son named Bobby, and Shelly's a bartender who's cheating on her husband. When Keith discovers her infidelity, he leaves his job, his family, and his home and hits the road. He hopes to find some remaining fragment of who he had once been. He's been following a newspaper column called "Adrian's Adventures" in the Chicago Daily Mail, and, though entertaining, these columns get under his skin. He sets off for Chicago, where he had lived once, in order to confront this 'Adrian,' who sounds like he knows every thing, and to reconnect with his own earlier life. En route he comes across an assortment of very odd characters, including a tavern-sponsored softball team, a biker named Chowder Rat who writes "biker fiction," a pretentious upper-class couple who belong to a religious cult, and eventually Adrian himself, a man whose real name is Jackson Berlin and who is suffering from delusions of a Martian invasion. Keith eventually realizes that Keith has feelings for a single mother named June who works at a diner he had gone to for a long time, so he eventually turns his attention away from the disconnection of life on the fringe of society and works towards building a new life with a new family, even turning his back on Bobby. Keith, apparently, is caught up in his own personal hegira, and eventually has to escape himself and retreat into the safety of relationship."--BOOK JACKET.

Ring in a river /
ISBN: 0595183557 OCLC: 49388144

Authors Choice Press ; San Jose, Calif. : ©2001.

The million-year centipede, or, Liquid structures /
ISBN: 1933293357 OCLC: 237816760

Raw Dog Screaming Press, Hyattsville, Md. : ©2007.

"Wakelin, frontman of seminal rock group The Hinge, once wrote a poem so prophetic that to ignore its wisdom is to doom yourself to drown in blood. After realizing the power of his words he faked his own death. Now one obsessed fan is tracking Wakelin down ... can he be found before it's too late?"--Page 4 of cover.

The Sylvia Plath Cookbook :
ISBN: 1105871673 OCLC: 884731089

The unwelcome guest ; plus, Nin and Nan
ISBN: 9781926617138 OCLC: 637438026

Enigmatic Ink, London, Ont. : 2010.

  Truly fine citizen :
ISBN: 0913617091 OCLC: 19667007

Highlander Press, Evanston, Ill. : ©1989.

An unremarkable bookstore manager has interplanetary responsibilities that take him from this world to others.