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Jim Reiss

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Reiss graduated with both his BA and MA from the University of Chicago.

Biography: Reiss has written six books of poetry and his work has appeared in The Atlantic, Esquire, New Republic, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Paris Review, Poetry and Slate plus many anthologies, textbooks, and Web sites. He has won numerous national and regional literary awards and grants. A professor emeritus of English at Miami University, Reiss is founding editor of Miami University Press.

  • '''''Ten Thousand Good Mornings'''''
  • -- Nominated for Pulitzer Prize, 2002 '''''The Breathers'''''
  • -- Nominated for National Book Award '''Other Awards

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Poetry

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

  Heartland II :
ISBN: 0875800505 OCLC: 1253918

Northern Illinois University Press, De Kalb : 1975.

Planning the book, I felt that one of its most important purposes would be to offer proof that what appears to many a colorless region is to some rich, complicated, thrilling. That, in short the Midwest is made up of the stuff of poetry. And once those living in it begin to see the details--cornfields, skyscrapers, small-town streets, whatever--with the help of their poets, they will find it not only possible to live with some measure of contentment among its particulars but even, miraculously, begin to love them and the poems they fill.--Introduction p. xxiii

Riff on six :
ISBN: 1844710319 OCLC: 54053473

Ten thousand good mornings :
ISBN: 0887483429 OCLC: 45745462

Carnegie Mellon University Press, Pittsburgh : 2001.

  The breathers /
ISBN: 0912946164 OCLC: 1193784

Ecco Press, New York : 1974.

The novel /
ISBN: 1625491123 OCLC: 900166569