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Catherine Klise

Born: 1963 in Peoria, Illinois
Pen Name: Kate Klise

Connection to Illinois: Klise was born and raised in Peoria, Illinois.

Biography: Catherine 'Kate' Klise has written award-winning children's books in collaboration with her sister, illustrator Mary Sarah 'M. Sarah' Klise. She attended Marquette University and has written articles for ''People'' magazine. Klise currently lives in Norwood, Missouri.

    '''''Regarding the Fountain'''''
  • -- California Young Reader's Medal 2001-2002
  • -- Connecticut Nutmeg Award 2001-2001
  • -- Florida Sunshine State Reader Award 2001-2002
  • -- Georgia Children's Literature Book Award 2001-2002
  • -- Illinois Rebecca Caudill Award 2001-2002
  • -- Massachusetts Children's Book Award (Honor) 1999-2000
  • -- Nebraska Golden Sower Award 2001-2002
  • -- New Jersey Battle of the Books 2001-2002
  • -- New Hampshire Cochecho Readers Award Winner 2000-2001
  • -- Maine Student Book Award 1999-2000
  • -- Tennessee Volunteer State Children's Book Award 2000-2001
  • -- Rhode Island Book Award 2000
  • -- Washington Sasquatch Reading Award 2001-2002
  • -- West Virginia Children's Book Award 2000-2001
  • -- Not Just for Kids Anymore, Children's Book Council 1999
  • -- Young Adults' Choice Award 1999
  • -- Discover Read 2000, New York Public Library
  • -- OWL Books, New York Public Library
  • -- One Book New Jersey 2003
  • -- Read Across Rhode Island 2010 '''''Letters from Camp'''''
  • -- Young Adults' Choice Award 2000
  • -- 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, New York Public Library 2000
  • -- Nevada Young Readers' Award 2002-2003
  • -- Disney Adventures Award book '''''Trial by Journal'''''
  • -- 1st Place Juvenile Fiction Award, Friends of American Writers 2002
  • -- Utah Children's Book Award 2002-2003
  • -- New Jersey Battle of the Books 2002-2003
  • -- Pennsylvania Keystone to Reading Book Award List 2002-2003
  • -- Connecticut Nutmeg Award 2005-2006
  • -- ALA Best Book Pick for Young Adults 2003 '''''Regarding the Sink'''''
  • -- New Hampshire Cochecho Readers' Award 2005-2006
  • -- Northwest Center for Children's Literature Best Book of 2004
  • -- Children's Literature Choice 2005 '''''Regarding the Trees'''''
  • -- Bank Street Best Children's Book of 2006
  • -- The Amelia Bloomer Award Selection 2007 '''''Deliver Us from Normal'''''
  • -- The Quill Award, Missouri Writers Hall of Fame 2006
  • -- Young Adult Reading Program, South Dakota Teen Reads Committee
  • -- One Book One Community pick (Ruidoso, New Mexico) 2007
  • -- Reading Circle Committee Selection, Missouri State Teachers Association '''''Regarding the Bathrooms'''''
  • -- Disney Adventures 8th Annual Book Award Nomination 2007
  • -- Instructor Magazine Best Back-to-School Book 2006 '''''Shall I Knit You a Hat?'''''
  • -- Bank Street Best Children's Book of 2005
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection
  • -- NPR's Children's Books for the Holidays 2008 '''''Why Do You Cry?'''''
  • -- Original Voices Nominee, Borders Bookstore
  • -- Wilde Picture Book Award 2006, Best Read-alouds for Preschoolers
  • -- Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended List 2007
  • -- IRA Teachers' Choices List 2007
  • -- Bank Street Best Children's Books of 2007 '''''Imagine Harry'''''
  • -- 2x2 Texas Reading List 2008 '''''Dying to Meet You'''''
  • -- New Hampshire Great Stone Face 2010-2011
  • -- Houston ISD Name that Book Contest 2010-2011
  • -- Singapore Red Dot Book Award 2009-2010
  • -- The Society of School Librarians International Book Award 2009
  • -- Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee 2010-2011
  • -- West Virginia Children's Choice Book Award 2010-2011
  • -- Next Indie List 2009
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2009
  • -- Best of the Best Books, Chicago Public Library 2009
  • -- Oregon Battle of the Books 2011-2012
  • -- Florida Sunshine State Reading List 2011-2012
  • -- Alaska Battle of the Books 2011-2012
  • -- Prix du Livre Jeunesse Marseille 2014 '''''Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth'''''
  • -- Original Art Winner, Society of Illustrators 2010 '''''Over My Dead Body'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2010
  • -- Houston ISD Name that Book Contest 2014-15 '''''Till Death Do Us Bark'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2011 '''''The Phantom of the Post Office'''''
  • -- NCTE Notable Children's Book List for 2013
  • -- Junior Library Guild Selection 2012 '''''Hollywood, Dead Ahead'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2013 '''''Stand Straight, Ella Kate'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection
  • -- CBC (Cooperative Children's Book Center) Best Books of the Year List 2011
  • -- IRA Teachers' Choice List 2011
  • -- Great Book for Kids, Cuyahoga County Public Library 2010
  • -- Chicago Public Library Best of the Best Books 2010-2011
  • -- Bank Street Best Books of the Year 2011
  • -- Vermont Red Clover Book Award Master List 2011-2012
  • -- Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Horned Toad Tales list 2011-2012
  • -- Comstock Read-Aloud Book Award 2011
  • -- Arkansas Diamond Primary Award Reading List 2012-2013 '''''Grounded'''''
  • -- Kids' Indie Next List, Winter 2010-2011
  • -- Center for Childrenís Books Blue Ribbon Book 2010
  • -- Judy Lopez Memorial Award 2011, Women's National Book Association, Los Angeles '''''Grammy Lamby and the Secret Handshake'''''
  • -- Bank Street Books Best Children's Book List 2013 '''''Homesick'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection
  • -- Autumn 2012 Kids' Indie Next List '''''The Show Must Go On!'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2013
  • -- Autumn 2013 Kids' Indie Next List
  • -- Amazon Best Book of 2013
  • -- Amazon Editor's Pick (Best Chapter Books for Readers Age 6-8)
  • -- Oklahoma Not Quite Sequoyah List 2016
  • -- 2016 ILLINOIS READS Selection '''''Greetings from the Graveyard'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2014 '''''The Greatest Star on Earth'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2014 '''''The Circus Goes to Sea'''''
  • -- Junior Library Guild selection 2014

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children; Young adult readers

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Selected Titles

Deliver us from Normal /
ISBN: 0439523230 OCLC: 71844859

Scholastic Press, New York : [2006], ©2005.

With a mother who buys Christmas cards in August and a younger brother who describes the Trinity as a toasted marshmallow on a graham cracker, life for eleven-year-old Charles Harrisong is anything but normal in Normal, Illinois.

Grammy Lamby and the secret handshake /
ISBN: 0805093133 OCLC: 746154043

Henry Holt, New York : 2012.

Larry does not like it when his loud, flashy grandmother comes to visit, especially when she talks about taking him to Tanzania or the South Seas one day, but after a huge summer storm damages their home and valley, he sees another side of Grammy Lamby.

Greetings from the Graveyard /
ISBN: 0544105672 OCLC: 854944308

"The unsuspecting trio at Spence Mansion starts a greeting card company--and winds up on the adventure of a lifetime!"--

Hollywood, dead ahead /
ISBN: 0547852835 OCLC: 828027884

When film producer Moe Block Busters offers to make their book into a movie, Iggy, Olive, and Seymour head to Hollywood where Olive, furious at being written out of the script, enlists the help of a famed femme fatale to scare the despicable director half to death.

Homesick /
ISBN: 1250008425 OCLC: 778421769

Feiwel & Friends, New York : 2012.

Benny's parents are getting divorced, his mom left and his father has become a hoarder, to make matters worse his hometown has been entered into a contest, and now the pressure is on to get the house cleaned up.

Imagine Harry /
ISBN: 0152057048 OCLC: 62755484

Harcourt, Orlando, Fla. : ©2007.

After Little Rabbit starts school, he sees less and less of his invisible friend, Harry, and finally tells his mother that Harry moved away.

In the bag /
ISBN: 0062108050 OCLC: 758391942

William Morrow, New York : ©2012.

"A European vacation. A luggage mix-up. A note from a secret admirer. Meet two single parents who think they're too busy to date. And two teenagers who can't stop writing flirty emails. This is a tale of connections, missed and made, in a universe that seems to have its heart set on reuniting Ms. 6B and Mr. 13C."--Provided by publisher.

Little Rabbit and the Meanest Mother on Earth /
ISBN: 0152062017 OCLC: 173747919

Harcourt Children's Books, Boston : 2010.

Upset that his mother will not let him go out until he cleans his playroom, Little Rabbit sneaks away to join the circus and sells tickets by promising the audience a view of The Meanest Mother on Earth.

Little Rabbit and the Night Mare /
ISBN: 015205717X OCLC: 78057859

Harcourt, Orlando : 2008.

Little Rabbit is so worried about his first school report that his sleep is troubled by a terrifying Night Mare.

Pop goes the circus! /
ISBN: 1616205474 OCLC: 886493248

A misbehaving mouse, under the employ of Sir Sidney's Circus, finds adventure when a balloon carries him away and he meets a young runaway.

Secrets of the circus /
ISBN: 1616205660 OCLC: 936205027

"The animals of Sir Sidney's Circus enter a contest at the Iowa State Fair in hopes of winning a $5,000 prize that could save Farmer Farley's farm and his prize pig, Pablo"--

Stand straight, Ella Kate :
ISBN: 0803734042 OCLC: 430841594

Dial Books for Young Readers, New York : ©2010.

A fictionalized biography of Ella Kate Ewing, born in 1872, who was eight feet tall by the age of seventeen and who became financially independent by traveling the country for nearly twenty years appearing at museums, exhibitions, and in circus shows.

Stay :
ISBN: 1250107148 OCLC: 953844357

Eli the dog has been with Astrid since she was a baby, and now that Eli is getting older and slowing down, Astrid wants to make fun memories with him, but knows what is most important to Eli is the time he spends with Astrid.

The circus goes to sea /
ISBN: 1616204818 OCLC: 866938508

Many surprises are in store when Miss Flora Endora Eliza LaBuena LaPasta invites Sir Sidney's Circus to travel and perform aboard her elegant ship, the SS Spaghetti.

The Greatest Star on Earth /
ISBN: 1616202459 OCLC: 864418215

As the performers in Sir Sidney's circus discover that friendship and teamwork are more important than winning a trophy for The Greatest Star on Earth, circus mice Bert and Gert write a book on how to be kind for rotten ringmaster-in-training Barnabas Brambles to read.

  The Loch Ness punster /
ISBN: 0544810856 OCLC: 880418895

Twelve-year-old Seymour Hope and his ghostly "mother" Olive go to Scotland to claim a castle inherited from Ignatius Grumply's punster uncle, Ian, but while they tend an aged tortoise and face an unscrupulous developer, Iggie deals with Ian's ghost and an inept insurance agent.

The phantom of the post office /
ISBN: 0544022815 OCLC: 744293687

Harcourt Children's Books, Boston : 2012.

With the impending closure of the post office, the transition to the new communication system VEXT-mail is anything but smooth for the human and paranormal residents of Ghastly, Illinois. Story told mostly through letters.

The show must go on! /
ISBN: 1616204060 OCLC: 858246923

Two mice and a crow, who travel with a circus, cleaning up the spilled popcorn after every performance, come to the rescue when a greedy con artist takes over the management of the circus.

Till death do us bark /
ISBN: 0547850816 OCLC: 610018727

Harcourt Children's Books, Boston : ©2011.

In this story told mostly through letters, Noah Breth's feuding children come to Ghastly, Illinois, to follow a trail of limericks to their inheritance, while Seymour tries to convince Iggy and Olive to let him keep Mr. Breth's dog.

Trial by journal /
ISBN: 0380816725 OCLC: 44779166

HarperCollinsPublishers, New York : ©2001.

In this illustrated novel told through journal entries, news clippings, and letters, twelve-year-old Lily finds herself on the jury of a murder trial while conducting her own undercover investigation of the case.

Why do you cry? :
ISBN: 0805073191 OCLC: 60550941

Henry Holt, New York : ©2006.

As his fifth birthday party approaches, Little Rabbit decides to invite only those friends who are also too old to cry until he learns that others of all ages weep for all sorts of reasons.