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Cris Mazza

Born: 1957 in San Pedro, California
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Mazza lives in the west suburbs of Chicago.

Biography: Cris Mazza is currently professor and director of the Program for Writers at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Along with the books she has written, Mazza was co-editor for the original Chick-Lit anthologies: ''Chick-Lit: Postfeminist Fiction'', and ''Chick-Lit 2: No Chick Vics'' along with ''Men Undressed: Women Writers on the Male Sexual Experience''.A native of Southern California, Mazza grew up in San Diego County. Her BA and MA were completed at San Diego State University, then she crossed the country to finish an MFA in writing at Brooklyn College before returning to San Diego where she lived several years training and showing her dogs, completing her first 4 books, and teaching at various local colleges and universities, including UC San Diego, and was Writer in Residence at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN, then at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA.

  • """How to Leave a Country"""
  • -- PEN/Nelson Algren Award for book-length fiction
  • """Charlatan"""
  • -- Starred Review, Kirkus, 2017

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Animal acts :
ISBN: 0932511155 OCLC: 18014621

Fiction Collective, New York : ©1988.

Charlatan :
ISBN: 1945883065 OCLC: 971514343

"Cris Mazza's work has often been regarded as "disturbing" for its exploration of sexual politics, victimhood, personal accountability, and acts of sexual violence. With an introduction by Gina Frangello and a foreword by Rick Moody, Charlatan charts the development of a dynamic body of fiction by a writer due for discovery by millennial readers unsatisfied by mainstream feminism."--provided by publisher.

Disability /
ISBN: 157366121X OCLC: 57069675

FC2, Tallahassee, FL : ©2005.

Dog people :
ISBN: 1566890551 OCLC: 36159573

Coffee House Press, Minneapolis : ©1997.

The romances of dog lovers. Fanny is an interior decorator, Scott is a caterer, and both are unhappily married. They meet in a park while exercising their dogs and have an affair. Subsequently, Fanny meets a lesbian who wants to breed a dog and another affair follows.

Exposed /
ISBN: 1566890195 OCLC: 29319639

Coffee House Press ; Minneapolis : 1994.

Photographer Conni Zamora is hired to take publicity photos for a theatre in San Diego. As she goes about her assignment, differences emerge between her point of view as a photographer and that of the cast. A study in perception. By the author of How to Leave a Country.

Former virgin :
ISBN: 1573660337 OCLC: 37570084

FC2, Normal, IL : 1997.

In her latest collection of stories, critically acclaimed writer Cris Mazza shines a kleig light on the dark underside of relationships in a disturbing look at the ambiguous nature of our own desires.

Girl beside him /
ISBN: 1573660922 OCLC: 44769039

FC2, Normal [Ill.] : ©2001.

"Girl Beside Him is a novel about love, instinct, and the havoc kindled by nature gone awry. A wildlife biologist, observing a group of relocated cougars, attempts to repress the desires that he fears may make him a sex killer. In his struggle to understand himself, he finds an answer, but not without putting another at risk. A cougar escapes human confinement; a woman is freed of her dangerous obsession, and a man is freed of his deepest dread, though freedom comes with a price. Transgressive and addictive, Mazza once again probes the limits of human relationships, taking her readers into a region of dark sexuality, torn between love and destruction."--Jacket.

Homeland :
ISBN: 1888996714 OCLC: 55508202

Red Hen Press, Los Angeles : ©2004.

How to leave a country :
ISBN: 091827396X OCLC: 25164460

Coffee House Press, Minneapolis : 1992.

Indigenous :
ISBN: 0872864227 OCLC: 51053640

City Lights, San Francisco : ©2003.

Is it sexual harassment yet? :
ISBN: 1573660418 OCLC: 40484409

Fiction Collective Two, Normal, IL : 1998.

Many ways to get it, many ways to say it :
ISBN: 0970321252 OCLC: 61173629

Chiasmus Press, Portland : 2005.

Revelation Countdown.
ISBN: 0932511732 OCLC: 934626358

Something wrong with her :
ISBN: 1937543331 OCLC: 880333911

Trickle-down timeline
ISBN: 9781597091947 OCLC: 835770720

Red Hen Press, Los Angeles, CA : 2009.

Various men who knew us as girls /
ISBN: 0975362380 OCLC: 712114055

Emergency Press, New York : ©2011.

Waterbaby :
ISBN: 1933368845 OCLC: 154673763

Soft Skull Press ; Brooklyn, NY : 2007.

As children, Tam and her older brother were swimming when she suffered her first epileptic seizure. He pulled her from the water and was crowned a hero. Tam was labeled "disabled" and never swam again. And so began 30 years of vigilance, never allowing her body to betray her, never allowing her brother or her family or anyone else to influence her path. Now, in middle age, a lifetime's worth of control has taken its toll. Exhausted, she heads to Maine.

Your name here :
ISBN: 1566890314 OCLC: 31754352

Coffee House Press ; Minneapolis : ©1995.

An affair with a married man enables a woman to finally come to terms with a rape she underwent 10 years earlier. Until then, Erin Haley had been unable to remember the incident, involving a colleague in a radio station where she worked as a journalist.