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Patricia Brennan Demuth

Born: 1948 in Souix City, Iowa
Pen Name: Patricia Demuth

Connection to Illinois: Brennan Demuth lived in Chicago for thirty-five years.

Biography: Patricia Brennan Demuth is the author of many award-winning children's fiction and non-fiction books. She grew up in a little Iowa town with a big family and imagination. After college, she moved to New York. From midtown Manhattan, Patricia moved with her family to an Illinois farm where resided for thirty-five years. She now lives in Wisconsin.

  • '''''The Ornery Morning'''''
  • -- Best Summer Reading for Kids, CBS This Morning
  • '''''Max, The Bad Talking Parrot'''''
  • -- Georgia Children's Storybook Award
  • -- Children's Choice, International Reading Assoc., 1987
  • -- Children's Choice, Children's Book Council, 1987
  • '''''In Trouble with Teacher'''''
  • -- Children's Book of the Year, Bank Street College Child Study Children's Book Committee
  • '''''Those Amazing Ants'''''
  • -- Outstanding Science Trade Books for Children, National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Books Council, 1995
  • -- 100 Best Nonfiction Books for Children, selected by Judy Freeman
  • -- Nonfiction 71 Top Books of the Century, Instructor Magazine, March 2001
  • '''''Joel Growing Up a Farm Man'''''
  • -- Best Children's Book, Society of Midland Authors
  • -- Outstanding Book in Social Sciences, National Council for the Social Studies & Children's Book Council
  • -- CCBC Choice, Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education
  • -- The Best In Children's Books, The University of Chicago's Guide
  • '''''City Horse'''''
  • -- Junior Literary Guild Selection
  • -- Sequoyah's Children's Books Master List, Oklahoma Library Association
  • -- The Best In Children's Books, The University of Chicago's Guide
  • '''''Way Down Deep'''''
  • -- Children's Books of the Year, Children's Book Committee at Bank Street College
  • '''''Cradles in the Trees'''''
  • -- Winner, WINNERS! Handbook

Primary Literary Genre(s): C:CHILDREN; Fiction; Non-Fiction


Selected Titles

Achoo! :
ISBN: 0448413477 OCLC: 35151216

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1997.

Explains how a person catches a cold, how the body fights the germs, and how other people can take precautions against getting another's cold.

Busy at day care head to toe /
ISBN: 0525456031 OCLC: 33442252

Dutton Children's Books, New York : ©1996.

Photographs and rhyming text demonstrate how arms, legs, ears, and mouths are kept busy during a day at day care.

City horse /
ISBN: 0396076505 OCLC: 4493597

Photos and text depict the career of one of the 83 horses of the Mounted Unit of the New York City Police Department.

Cradles in the trees :
ISBN: 0027284662 OCLC: 27727646

Macmillan Pub. Co. ; New York : ©1994.

Describes the methods and materials used by various birds to build their nests.

Gorillas /
ISBN: 0448402173 OCLC: 29255157

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1994.

An easy-to-read journey inside the world of the gorilla explores how the intelligent great ape spends its day, its behavior, its feeding habits, and more.

In trouble with teacher /
ISBN: 0525452869 OCLC: 31169911

Dutton Children's Books, New York : ©1995.

Third-grader Montgomery draws great pictures and writes wonderful stories, but he's afraid that his teacher only cares about his terrible spelling.

Inside your busy body /
ISBN: 0448401894 OCLC: 27434718

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1993.

A simple introduction to what is going on inside your body, such as what keeps you standing, what helps you move around, and what happens to your food after you swallow.

Joel, growing up a farm man /
ISBN: 0396079970 OCLC: 8235068

Focuses on a thirteen-year-old boy who works on his family's farm, caring for livestock, harvesting hay, and preparing to manage the farm himself one day.

Johnny Appleseed /
ISBN: 044841130X OCLC: 34114167

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1996.

Recounts the story of the man who traveled west planting apple seeds to make the country a better place to live.

Look! my tooth is loose! /
ISBN: 0448426854 OCLC: 50902053

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : 2002.

Explains why children have baby teeth, why they fall out, and what happens after that.

Mars :
ISBN: 0448418436 OCLC: 38602711

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1998.

Reviews the history of Earth's observation of the red planet since ancient times, explores the results of modern scientific studies carried out by telescope, satellite, and landing probe, and speculates on a future human landing.

ISBN: 1312350326 OCLC: 1020866013

LULU COM, [Place of publication not identified], 2014.

Pick up your ears, Henry /
ISBN: 0027284654 OCLC: 24173870

Macmillan ; New York : ©1992.

A puppy hears many sounds as he searches through the barnyard for his mother.

Snakes /
ISBN: 044840513X OCLC: 26301712

Grosset & Dunlap, New York : ©1993.

An introduction to an animal that's been with us since the time of the dinosaurs--the snake.

The ornery morning /
ISBN: 0525446885 OCLC: 22116075

Dutton Children's Books, New York : ©1991.

Farmer Bill wakes up late one morning to find that all of his animals, from the rooster to the cat, refuse to do any work.

The sun :
ISBN: 0448488280 OCLC: 936619748

Billions of stars fill the universe. But for humans, the most important star is the one closest to Earth the Sun. From vitamin D to solar energy, the Sun provides the power necessary to sustain life on our planet. And as the center of our solar system, the strong gravitational pull from this ball of burning gas keeps all the planets in orbit. Discover the significance of the Sun and its brilliant blaze in this fascinating book!

Thomas Edison and his bright idea /
ISBN: 0448488302 OCLC: 945796744

Follows Edison from his time in school to his career as a full-time inventor, while it focusing on his groundbreaking creation of the lightbulb.

Those amazing ants /
ISBN: 0027284670 OCLC: 28147334

Macmillan ; New York : ©1994.

Describes those fascinating insects, the ants, in simple words and pictures.

Way down deep :
ISBN: 0590136925 OCLC: 43023076

Scholastic, New York : 1996.

What is the constitution? /
ISBN: 1524786098 OCLC: 1039187344

"We the people at Who HQ bring readers the full story--arguments and all--of how the US Constitution came into being. Signed on September 17, 1787--four years after the American War for Independence--the Constitution laid out the supreme law of the United States of America. Today it's easy for us to take this blueprint of our government for granted. But the Framers--fifty-five men from almost all of the original 13 states--argued fiercely for many months over what ended up being only a four-page document. Here is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the hotly fought issues--those between Northern and Southern States; big states and little ones--and the key players such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and George Washington who suffered through countless revisions to make the Constitution happen"--

What was D-Day? /
ISBN: 0448484072 OCLC: 907323577

D-Day spelled the beginning of the end for Nazi Germany and the Third Reich. Readers will dive into the heart of the action and discover how it was planned and carried out and how it overwhelmed the Germans who had been tricked into thinking the attack would take place elsewhere.

What was Ellis Island? /
ISBN: 044847915X OCLC: 852221914

Describes the history of Ellis Island, a gateway for many immigrants coming to the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and details the restoration of the landmark and its reopening as a museum.

What was Pearl Harbor?
ISBN: 9780448464626 OCLC: 849739461

Teaches important dates and facts about the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Where is the Great Wall? /
ISBN: 0448483580 OCLC: 881887992

More than two thousand years ago, with his land under constant attack from nomads, the First Emperor of China came up with a simple solution: build a wall to keep out enemies. It was a wall that kept growing and growing. But its construction came at a huge cost: it is believed that more than a million Chinese died building it, earning the wall its nickname--the longest cemetery on earth. Through the story of the wall, Patricia Brennan Demuth is able to tell the story of China itself, the rise and fall of dynasties, the greatness of its culture, and its present-day status as a Communist world power.

Who is Bill Gates? /
ISBN: 0448463326 OCLC: 798615554

"Bill Gates, born in Seattle, Washington, in 1955, is an American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and author. In this Who Was ...? biography, children will learn of Gates' childhood passion for computer technology, which led him to revolutionize personal computers. Through the success of his now-world-famous software company, Microsoft, Bill Gates became one of the wealthiest philanthropists in history. This fascinating story of a child technology genius is sure to captivate any audience!"--

Who is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? /
ISBN: 1524793531 OCLC: 1089264738

"Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is famous for her stylish collars (called jabots) and her commanding dissents. This opera-loving New Yorker has always spoken her mind; as a young lawyer, RBG advocated for gender equality and women's rights when few others did. She gained attention for the cases she won when arguing in front of the Supreme Court, before taking her place on the bench in 1993. Author Patricia Brennan Demuth answers all the question about what makes RBG so notorious and irreplaceable"--

Who is Temple Grandin? /
ISBN: 0451532511 OCLC: 1108323602

"Temple Grandin wasn't officially diagnosed with autism until she was in her 40s, but she knew at an early age that she was different from her family and classmates. She couldn't show affection, she acted out when noises or other stimuli overwhelmed her, and she only felt comfortable when spending time with the animals on her aunt's ranch. But instead of seeing her differences as limitations, Temple used them to guide her education and career in animal science. She has become a leading advocate for the autistic as well as for the humane treatment of animals at meat packing companies. This inspiring biography by Patricia Brennan Demuth shines a light on Temple Grandin's intellect, creativity, and unique spirit"--

Who was Charlie Chaplin?
ISBN: 9780448490168 OCLC: 944933628

Charlie Chaplin sang on a London stage for the first time at the age of five. Performing proved to be his salvation, providing a way out of a life of hardship and poverty. Success came early and made Chaplin one of the best loved people in the United States until the McCarthy witch hunts drove Chaplin from his adopted country. This is a moving portrait of a multi-talented man -- actor, director, writer, even music composer -- and the complicated times he lived in.--

Who was Galileo? /
ISBN: 0448479850 OCLC: 881887953

"Like Michelangelo, Galileo is another Renaissance great known just by his first name--a name that is synonymous with scientific achievement. Born in Pisa, Italy, in the sixteenth century, Galileo contributed to the era's great rebirth of knowledge. He invented a telescope to observe the heavens. From there, not even the sky was the limit! He turned long-held notions about the universe topsy turvy with his support of a sun-centric solar system. Patricia Brennan Demuth offers a sympathetic portrait of a brilliant man who lived in a time when speaking scientific truth to those in power was still a dangerous proposition"--

Who was Laura Ingalls Wilder? /
ISBN: 0448467062 OCLC: 830367565

"Born in 1867 in the "Big Woods" in Wisconsin, Laura experienced both the hardship and the adventure of living on the frontier. It wasn't until after she was sixty that Laura Ingalls Wilder started chronicling those times, which resulted in nine Little House books, a hit TV series that ran for eight years, and her own permanent place as a heroine of the American West"--