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Gail Gibbons

Connection to Illinois: Gibbons grew up in Chicago and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

Biography: Gail Gibbons is an author and illustrator. As a child growing up in Chicago, Gail created her first picture book at the age of four. It was four pages long and bound together with yarn. Soon thereafter, she began taking art lessons and started writing her own stories. Gail studied graphic design at the University of Illinois and after graduating she went to work for a small TV station doing graphic work. Later, she moved to New York City where she worked on ' Take a Giant Step' a childrens show that was the forerunner to 'The Electric Company.' The children who participated in the show suggested that Gail should create childrens books.Gibbons currently resides in Corinth, Vermont.

  • American Library Association Notable Book award, 1983, for Cars and How They Go, and 1985, for The Milk Makers; Washington Post/ Children's Book Guild Award, 1987, for contribution to nonfiction children's literature; International Reading Association Chi

Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

ISBN: 9781430113430 OCLC: 965379637

Curious about apples?... Bonnie Kelley Young reads the text slowly so that listeners can absorb all the facts and instructions and peruse the bright illustrations... A good choice for elementary science units and to satisfy requests in the fall for books about apples.-School Library Journal

Apples /
ISBN: 0823416690 OCLC: 42935657

Holiday House, New York : ©2000.

Explains how apples were brought to America, how they grow, their traditional uses and cultural significance, and some of the varieties grown.

ISBN: 0823414574 OCLC: 40654798

Holiday House, New York : ©1999.

Describes different kinds of bats, their physical characteristics, habits and behavior, and efforts to protect them.

Behold ... the dragons! /
ISBN: 068815526X OCLC: 39122761

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1999.

Explains how myths about dragons developed, different types of dragons, what draconologists do, and how different cultures portray dragons.

Behold-- the unicorns! /
ISBN: 068817955X OCLC: 45363738

HarperCollins, New York : ©2002.

For centuries people believed in unicorns, legendary creatures that were said to have magical powers. Today these one-horned creatures still have a special power -- the power to capture our imaginations. Using careful research and spirited illustrations to explain the origins, mythology, and folklore of the unicorn, Gail Gibbons, gets right to the heart of why these marvelous creatures are still so popular today.--

  Bicycle book
ISBN: 9780823436347 OCLC: 935642873

Holiday House, New York : ©1995.

Boat book
ISBN: 082343978X OCLC: 1034609564

Boats come in all sizes and we use them in different ways. for recreation, for transportation, and even for police work and fighting fires.

Catch the wind! :
ISBN: 0316309966 OCLC: 18558560

Little, Brown, Boston : ©1989.

When two children visit Ike's Kite Shop they learn about kites and how to fly them. Includes instructions for building a kite.

  Caves and Caverns.
ISBN: 9781442066946 OCLC: 422753879

Paw Prints 2009.

  Check It Out!
ISBN: 9781442066601 OCLC: 422753801

Paw Prints 2009.

Chicks & chickens
ISBN: 9780823419395 OCLC: 50417268

Holiday House, New York : ©2003.

An introduction to the physical characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of chickens, as well as a discussion of how chickens are raised on farms.

Christmas is ...
ISBN: 0823415821 OCLC: 45639060

Holiday House, New York : ©2001.

All of the ways and reasons for celebrating Christmas.

Click! :
ISBN: 0439148723 OCLC: 43468290

Scholastic, New York : 1999, ©1997.

Describes the basic parts of a camera and how to take photographs.

  Clocks and how they go
ISBN: 0690039735 OCLC: 4835237

Crowell, New York : ©1979.

Describes the weight clock and the spring clock and how they work.

  Coral Reefs
ISBN: 9600040005853 OCLC: 1078559666

Deadline! :
ISBN: 0690046022 OCLC: 13947473

Crowell, New York : ©1987.

Examines the diverse behind-the-scenes activities of a typical working day at a small daily newspaper, from morning preparations for meeting the deadline to the moment the afternoon papers leave the presses.

  Department store
ISBN: 0064460282 OCLC: 13740472

Harper & Row, New York : 1986, ©1984.

Describes the activities in a busy department store during a typical day.

ISBN: 9780823415199 OCLC: 320082396

Holiday House, New York : [2013], ©1996.

An introduction to the characteristics of deserts and the plants and animals that inhabit them.

  Dinosaur discoveries
ISBN: 9780823441426 OCLC: 1040231812

Describes the work of paleontologists, relates special features of dinosaur groups, and examines the most recent theories of what led to their extinction.

ISBN: 9780823440108 OCLC: 1020793241

Step back in time ... to the Age of the Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs ruled Earth for milions of years. Some were small and could run very, very fast. Others were big and covered with spikes and plates for protection. Some were huge and terrified other dinosaurs with their long, sharp teeth. In this newly revised edition, Dinosaurs! reflects further paleontological discoveries made since its publication in 2008, while still offering young dino-enthusiasts a timeless and accessible look at these magnificent creatures.--Jacket.

ISBN: 0590127438 OCLC: 46614179

Scholastic Inc., New York : 1997, ©1996.

An introduction to dogs including their history, types of breeds, senses, and ways of communication.

ISBN: 0439404665 OCLC: 56757438

Scholastic, New York : ©2001

ISBN: 9781451766387 OCLC: 794038433

Paw Prints 2012.

ISBN: 059060368X OCLC: 38173777

Scholastic, New York : 1996, ©1994.

Describes different types of emergency vehicles and the kind of emergencies they are used for.

Exploring the deep, dark sea
ISBN: 9780823441525 OCLC: 1048659627

To explore the deep sea, oceanographers climb into submersibles and employ ROVs to find out more about the ocean and ocean floor. Journey with them to the deep sea. Explains the technology for exploration and the kinds of animals found at different sea levels--Amazon.

ISBN: 1306862051 OCLC: 881366715

Holiday House, 2014.

Farms are busy places throughout the year. Animals are born; fields are plowed and planted, and crops are harvested. The winters are quiet, but there are always chores to be done ... and soon spring will come again. Here Gail Gibbons describes the activities and special qualities of life on a family farm.

Fill it up! :
ISBN: 0690044402 OCLC: 11291453

T.Y. Crowell, New York : ©1985.

Describes a busy day at a gas station, with cars coming in for gas or repairs.

  Fire! Fire!
ISBN: 9781442017528 OCLC: 11222961

Crowell, New York : ©1984.

Views fire fighters fighting fires in the city, in the country, in the forest, and on the waterfront.

ISBN: 0823405990 OCLC: 12664147

Holiday House, New York : ©1986.

Presents a brief history of flight, from balloons to more sophisticated means of air transportation such as helicopters, jet planes, and shuttles.

ISBN: 9781430113522 OCLC: 1005702889

An introduction to frogs, discussing their tadpole beginnings, noises they make, their hibernation, body parts, and how they differ from toads.

From path to highway :
ISBN: 069004514X OCLC: 12370353

Crowell, New York : ©1986.

A history of the Boston Post Road from its early days as a series of Indian trails to the present.

From seed to plant
ISBN: 9780823408726 OCLC: 22387938

Holiday House, New York : ©1991.

Explores the intricate relationship between seeds and the plants which they produce.

  Galaxies, Galaxies!
ISBN: 9780823440825 OCLC: 1034724199

  Groundhog Day!
ISBN: 9781520045832 OCLC: 953440269

Every February 2nd, people all across the country wonder about the groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil. Will he see his shadow on that day or won't he? Will spring come early or late?

  Halloween is-- :
ISBN: 9781681416588 OCLC: 914218568

Dreamscape Media LLC, [Holland, Ohio] : [2015]

A celebration that provides all kinds of spooky fun. Discover the origins and history of Halloween traditions and festivities from ancient times to the present day.

  Happy birthday!
ISBN: 0590726021 OCLC: 28643629

Scholastic, New York : 1991, ©1986.

Examines the historical beliefs, traditions, and celebrations associated with birthdays.

ISBN: 9780823424436 OCLC: 815306819

Holiday House, New York : ©2003.

Presents information on horses, including their physical characteristics, behavior, and how to ride a horse.

  How a house is built
ISBN: 9781520045788 OCLC: 953440055

Dreamscape Media, Holland, Ohio : [2016]

Clear wording explains the tools, materials, and workers needed to build a house, from basement to roof and everything in between.

I lost my tooth in Africa
ISBN: 9780439699389 OCLC: 54503885

Scholastic Press, New York : 2006.

While visiting her father's family in Mali, a young girl loses a tooth, places it under a calabash, and receives a hen and a rooster from the African Tooth Fairy.

Ice cream :
ISBN: 9780823421558 OCLC: 61229832

Holiday House, New York : ©2006.

Discusses the history of ice cream, how it is made, and different flavors, and how it is sold.

Knights in shining armor
ISBN: 9780316049832 OCLC: 501030437

Hachette Book Group, New York, NY : 2008.

Describes the skills needed to become a knight, illustrations of the armor, and some of the famous knights of the Middle Ages.

Lights! Camera! Action! :
ISBN: 0064460886 OCLC: 20154167

Harper & Row, [New York] : 1989, ©1985.

A step-by-step description of how a movie is made, including writing the script, casting, rehearsing, creating the scenery and costumes, editing the film, and attending the premier.

Little fish, big fish
ISBN: 0590444921 OCLC: 24908962

Scholastic, New York : ©1992.

The concept of opposites, such as little and big, is explored through pages that fold out.

Locks & keys
ISBN: 069004058X OCLC: 5941099

Crowell, New York : ©1980.

Traces the history of locks and keys from ancient times to the present, describing the development of increasingly complex and pick-proof locks and how they work.

Marge's diner
ISBN: 0690046049 OCLC: 18781673

T.Y. Crowell, New York : ©1989.

Focuses on a small town diner where Marge and her workers prepare and serve meals to hungry customers twenty-four hours a day.

Marshes & swamps
ISBN: 0823413470 OCLC: 37211051

Holiday House, New York : ©1998.

Defines marshes and swamps, discusses how conditions in them may change, and examines the life found in and around them.

  Monarch butterfly. 4 bks.
ISBN: 9781430109457 OCLC: 897057752

Live Oak Media, 2011.

  Moon Book.
ISBN: 130686206X OCLC: 881366749

Holiday House, 2014.

Some planets have many moons. Earth has one. Because it is so close to Earth, our moon is the brightest and biggest light in our night sky. Here is information about our moon, including how the oceans' tides are affected by it, why the same side always faces Earth, why there are different phases of the moon, and why there are solar and lunar eclipses. The book ends with a list of legends and facts, from the man in the moon to the first person to land on it.

Mummies, pyramids, and pharaohs :
ISBN: 9780316092562 OCLC: 501038441

Little, Brown and Co./Hachette Book Group, New York, NY : 2009.

Provides an overview of life in ancient Egypt, describing the people, daily activities, beliefs and customs, and what has been learned from artifacts left behind.

My baseball book
ISBN: 0439444276 OCLC: 51177841

Scholastic, New York : 2002, ©2000.

An introduction to baseball, describing the equipment, playing field, rules, players, and process of the game.

My basketball book /
ISBN: 0688171400 OCLC: 43109920

HarperCollins Publishers, [New York] : ©2000.

Introduces the basics of the game of basketball, describing the players, court, techniques, and rules of play.

My football book /
ISBN: 0688171397 OCLC: 43109868

HarperCollins Publishers, New York : ©2000.

Introduces the basics of the game of football, describing the players, field, and how the game is played.

  My football book.
ISBN: 9780758718709 OCLC: 1003686191

HarperCollins Publishers, [New York, N.Y.] : ©2000.

Introduces the basics of the game of football, describing the players, field, and how the game is played.

My soccer book /
ISBN: 0688171389 OCLC: 41482308

HarperCollins Publishers, New York : 2000.

Briefly describes the equipment, terminology, rules, positions, and plays of one of the world's most popular games.

Nature's green umbrella :
ISBN: 0688123546 OCLC: 28112603

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1994.

Describes the climatic conditions of the rain forest as well as the different layers of plants and animals that comprise the ecosystem. The ecosystem of the rain forest is explained, with material on how these resources should be protected and preserved.

  New road!
ISBN: 0064460592 OCLC: 16415807

HarperTrophy, [New York, N.Y.] : 1987, ©1983.

Describes the planning and construction of a new road.

ISBN: 0439895251 OCLC: 86074112

Scholastic Inc., New York : 2006.

Owls are known for their haunting calls; yet when they are hunting, they can swoop down and snatch prey without making a sound. There are about 140 different kinds of owls, and they live on every continent except Antarctica. From the smallest, the elf owl, to the largest, the great gray owl, here is information about the 21 types that are believed to be living in North America. From egg to owlet to fierce bird of prey, this book offers an insightful look at these impressive creatures of the night.

Paper, paper everywhere
ISBN: 0152014918 OCLC: 37764129

Harcourt Brace, San Diego : 1997.

Briefly discusses where paper comes from, how it is made, and how we use it.

ISBN: 9781430113638 OCLC: 969899768

Mazzoli's steady, clear narration is perfect for articulating facts about these birds of the Arctic. Listeners will relish hearing about the variety of penguins and their distinctive characteristics.... Penguin calls and sounds from the habitat complete the recording. -AudioFile 2011

ISBN: 9780823415540 OCLC: 39347222

Holiday House, New York : ©1999.

Examines the basic characteristics, common breeds, intelligence, behavior, life cycle, and uses of pigs.

Planet Earth, inside out
ISBN: 0688158498 OCLC: 31606298

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1995.

Examines Earth from its red-hot core to the highest peak.

ISBN: 0823405532 OCLC: 11187983

Holiday House, New York : ©1985.

Introduces the various types of playground equipment, including swings, slides, and sandboxes, as well as games and toys that may be enjoyed at the playground.

Polar bears
ISBN: 9780823417681 OCLC: 45446365

Holiday House, New York : ©2001.

Watercolor illustrations and text provide information about how polar bears swim and hunt, how they keep warm and dry, and many other ways they adapt to their environment.

Prehistoric animals
ISBN: 082341261X OCLC: 972722935

Holiday House, New York : ©1988.

Introduces, in text and illustrations, a variety of prehistoric animals whose fossilized remains have provided scientists with clues about their physical characteristics and the environment in which they lived.

Puff-- flash-- bang! :
ISBN: 1563347032 OCLC: 39146632

Hampton-Brown Books, Carmel, Calif. : ©1993 (1996 printing)

Describes ways people say things to each other without using spoken or written words such as beacon fires, hand signals, alarms, and flags.

Rabbits, rabbits, & more rabbits!
ISBN: 0439216710 OCLC: 51609517

Scholastic Press, New York : 2001, ©2000.

Describes different kinds of rabbits, their physical characteristics, behavior, where they live, and how to care for them.

  Reasons for Seasons.
ISBN: 1299783384 OCLC: 855896330

Holiday House, 2013.

Why is there winter in the Southern Hemisphere at the same time there is summer in the Northern Hemisphere? Here is an explanation of how the position of the Earth in relation to the sun causes seasons, and the wonders that come with each one of them. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring comes again. Year after year the seasons repeat themselves.

Recycle! :
ISBN: 0785791507 OCLC: 74150401

Sagebrush, Boston : 1999, ©1992.

Explains the process of recycling from start to finish and discusses what happens to paper, glass, aluminum cans, and plastic when they are recycled into new products.

Santa who?
ISBN: 0688155286 OCLC: 40251650

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1999.

Describes the origins and evolution of Santa Claus, from the Turkish Saint Nicholas to the jolly, red-suited Santa of today. Also discusses similar legendary figures in other cultures.

Say woof! :
ISBN: 0027367819 OCLC: 25200330

Macmillan ; New York : ©1992.

Describes the work of a veterinarian and some of the procedures and instruments he uses to treat animals in his office and on farms. Also tells how to take good care of pets.

  Sea Turtles
ISBN: 9781430113782 OCLC: 965822696

...a valuable and effective program. -School Library Journal

ISBN: 0874992745 OCLC: 26988617

Live Oak Media, Pine Plains, NY : 1992.

An introduction to the world of sharks by author/illustrator Gail Gibbons that combines succinct text and color illustrations, with interesting facts about how they differ from other fish, how their bodies work and how they survive in their environment. Offers advice on what to do if one encounters a shark while in water.

  Si mian huan hai :
ISBN: 9787544736077 OCLC: 913264754

Yi lin chu ban she, Nanjing : 2014.

ISBN: 9780823423002 OCLC: 144548339

Information about these cold-blooded animals, including their physical characteristics, where they live, how they give birth, and more.

Soaring with the wind :
ISBN: 068813730X OCLC: 36923146

Morrow Junior Books, New York : 1998.

Describes the characteristics, behavior, and life cycle of the bald eagle.

ISBN: 1595190848 OCLC: 57342491

Live Oak Media, [New York] : ℗1999, ©1993.

Examines the physical characteristics, behavior, habitats, and different kinds of spiders.

ISBN: 0590474863 OCLC: 34162213

Scholastic, New York : ©1994.

Tells what stars are, why they twinkle, how constellations were named, how telescopes are used to study stars, and more.

  Sun Up, Sun Down.
ISBN: 9781442026230 OCLC: 317463174

Paw Prints 2009.

Sunken treasure
ISBN: 039578610X OCLC: 43461088

Houghton Mifflin, Boston : 1999.

Describes the many-years-long search for the treasure that went down with the Atocha, a Spanish galleon sunk off Florida in a hurricane in 1622. Includes facts about four other famous shipwrecks.

Surrounded by sea :
ISBN: 082341941X OCLC: 56194980

Holiday House, New York : [2005]

Discover what life is like season by season when you're surrounded by the sea--Jacket flap.

Tell me, tree :
ISBN: 0316309036 OCLC: 45209166

Little Brown & Co., Boston : ©2002.

Featuring a special section on how children can make a tree identification book of their own, this title is a bright and colorful introduction to trees, leaves, and their inner workings in nature.

Tell me, tree :
ISBN: 0439652618 OCLC: 56124886

Scholastic, Inc., New York : 2004.

Featuring a special section on how children can make a tree identification book of their own, this title is a bright and colorful introduction to trees, leaves, and their inner workings in nature.

  Thanksgiving Day
ISBN: 9781430105152 OCLC: 226436020

Live Oak Media, [United States] : 2008.

A thorough introduction to the rich history, traditions and customs of the holiday.

The art box
ISBN: 0823413861 OCLC: 38090858

Holiday House, New York : ©1998.

Describes the many different kinds of tools and supplies which artists use to produce their work.

The ballad of the pirate queens
ISBN: 0152007105 OCLC: 30112412

Two women who sailed with Calico Jack Rackham and his pirates in the early 1700s do their best to defend their ship while the men on board are busy drinking.

The berry book
ISBN: 0823416976 OCLC: 47690161

Holiday House, New York : ©2002.

Describes different types of berries and how they grow. Includes recipes with berry ingredients.

The great St. Lawrence Seaway
ISBN: 0688069843 OCLC: 23286544

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1992.

Tells the story of this inland waterway from the earliest explorers' dream of an Orient passage to today's vast computer-operated system of canals, locks, and gates, and the ships that traverse them.

The honey makers
ISBN: 0688175317 OCLC: 33207421

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1997.

Covers the physical structure of honeybees and how they live in colonies, as well as how they produce honey and are managed by beekeepers.--Title page verso.

The magnificent Morris Mouse clubhouse
ISBN: 0531035409 OCLC: 7206495

F. Watts, New York : 1981.

Morris Mouse's tail is always in the way until he starts to build his very own clubhouse.

The milk makers
ISBN: 0590459643 OCLC: 27763442

Scholastic Inc., New York : ©1985.

Explains how cows produce milk and how it is processed before being delivered to stores.

  The planets
ISBN: 9780823439669 OCLC: 999408088

Discusses the movements, location, and characteristics of the planets in Earth's solar system.

The post office book :
ISBN: 0808574264 OCLC: 43914457

HarperCollins, [New York] : ©1982.

A step-by-step description of what happens to mail from the time it is deposited in the mailbox to its arrival at its destination. Also includes brief historical facts about mail service in the United States.

  The pottery place
ISBN: 0152632654 OCLC: 15197871

Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego : ©1987.

Describes the history and process of potterymaking by following a potter through a day of work.

The puffins are back!
ISBN: 9780823441631 OCLC: 1035809837

Introduces readers to the lives of puffins and puffin conservation.

  The pumpkin book
ISBN: 9781430125549 OCLC: 949880529

Blending factual information with fun tidbits, Gail Gibbons takes a popular autumn symbol and explores its growth cycle from seed to table. The informative text, including instructions for young gardeners to grow and harvest their own pumpkins and to carve jack-o-lanterns, is clearly presented.

The quilting bee
ISBN: 0688163971 OCLC: 49326962

HarperCollins Publishers, New York : ©2004.

An introduction to the process of quilt making, including a history of the craft, sample quilt patterns, and directions for creating a children's book authors and illustrators quilt.

The seasons of Arnold's apple tree
ISBN: 0590621556 OCLC: 36025483

As the seasons pass, Arnold enjoys a variety of activities as a result of his apple tree. Includes a recipe for apple pie and a description of how an apple cider press works.

  The vegetables we eat
ISBN: 9780823434039 OCLC: 900473308

Illustrations and simple text describe the various vegetables people eat.

Things to make and do for Columbus Day
ISBN: 0531012743 OCLC: 2985672

F. Watts, New York : 1977.

Describes the reasons Columbus Day is celebrated and gives suggestions for celebrating by making and doing various things.

Things to make and do for Halloween
ISBN: 053102430X OCLC: 1529302

F. Watts, New York : 1976.

A collection of games, jokes, and instructions on how to make costumes, party foods, makeup, and puppets, all on a Halloween theme.

  Things to make and do for your birthday
ISBN: 0531014622 OCLC: 3327324

F. Watts, New York : 1978.

Includes projects, games, jokes, and party foods for use in celebrating birthdays.

Tool book
ISBN: 9780823438723 OCLC: 978544088

Depicts a number of different tools used in building and the kinds of work they are used for.

ISBN: 9780823441693 OCLC: 1079324027

Examines different kinds of trains, past and present, describing their features and functions.

ISBN: 9780823441495 OCLC: 1079201160

Trucks dig holes, trucks push heavy loads, trucks haul, pull, lift, and dig. 60 trucks, and what they do, are shown in this colorful board book.

ISBN: 2878330099 OCLC: 319858185

Circonflexe, [Paris?] : 1990.

Cet album présente la circulation dans le monde souterrain : des galeries creusées par les animaux aux conduites d'eau en passant par les voies de circulation souterraines..

ISBN: 1534422331 OCLC: 1001333973

ALADDIN Books, [Place of publication not identified], 2017.

Urban nature :
ISBN: 1571314105 OCLC: 42476737

Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, MN : 2000.

Urban Nature celebrates nature's resiliency and captures the many faces of wildness in the city with poems by more than 130 emerging and recognized poets.

Valentine's Day is--
ISBN: 0823418529 OCLC: 63187209

Holiday House, New York : ©2006.

The history of the holiday and all its fun festivities are presented in this easy-to-read tale filled with Valentine cards, candy hearts, flowers, and full-color illustrations. Valentine's Day is candy hearts, flowers, and chocolate truffles. It is Valentine cards galore. Most of all, it is a time to share with family and friends, and a time to give thanks for our loved ones. Gail Gibbons presents the history of this special holiday and shares what the day has come to mean in our society today.

Weather forecasting
ISBN: 0689716834 OCLC: 26128537

Macmillan Pub. Co. ; New York : 1993.

Describes forecasters at work in a weather station as they use sophisticated equipment to track and gauge the constant changes in the weather.

  Weather words and what they mean
ISBN: 9780823441716 OCLC: 20391391

Holiday House, New York : ©1990.

Introduces basic weather terms and concepts.

ISBN: 9781430113836 OCLC: 1005702890 attractive, informative production. - School Library Journal

ISBN: 9781430113843 OCLC: 1005702891

Award-winning narrator George Guidall's adept reading enlivens a text packed with information in this exploration of the life of the gray wolf (or timber wolf). Using her effective format of large color drawings and useful facts, Gail Gibbons once again provides an excellent resource for primary-grade students.

Yippee-yay! :
ISBN: 0316309443 OCLC: 36498871

Little, Brown, Boston : ©1998.

Explains and illustrates the equipment, work, and lifestyle of cowboys and cowgirls in the Old West.

ISBN: 1595191178 OCLC: 57390166

Live Oak Media, [Ancramdale, N.Y.] : ℗1991.

Provides a behind-the-scenes look at a working day at the zoo, from the moment the workers arrive until the night guard locks the gate.