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Carol Lerner

Born: 1927 Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Lerner lived in Chicago her entire life.

Biography: Carol Lerner is an author and illustrator. Her interest in the study of nature began when she noticed the intense interest her children had in the plants and animals around them. She began her study with courses in botany and ornithology at the Morton Arboretum and eventually studied botanical drawing for three years. Her first book illustrations were for other authors, but she quickly moved to writing her own books.

  • '''''On the Forest Edge'''''
  • -- Special Artistic Merit Award, Friends of American Writers '''''Tree Flowers'''''
  • -- Notable Book, ALA '''''Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie'''''
  • -- Notable Book, ALA '''''A Biblical Garden'''''
  • -- Notable Book, ALA '''''Pitcher

Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

  A Biblical garden /
ISBN: 0688010717 OCLC: 7875422

Morrow, New York : 1982.

Descriptions and pictures of twenty plants mentioned in the Old Testament, including fig, lentil, olive, papyrus, and pomegranate.

A desert year /
ISBN: 0688093833 OCLC: 22277225

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1991.

A study of the animals and plants found in the desert of America's southwest.

A forest year /
ISBN: 0688064132 OCLC: 13560890

Morrow, New York, N.Y. : 1987.

Describes how seasonal changes in a forest affect the plants and animals that live there.

Backyard birds of summer /
ISBN: 0688136001 OCLC: 32430401

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1996.

Describes primarily those species of birds which are tropical migrants visiting the North only during the nesting season. Includes suggestions for attracting birds to one's yard.

Backyard birds of winter
ISBN: 068812819X OCLC: 29846764

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1994.

Bird-watching in winter months is popular. Over forty species commonly seen in North America are pictured and described.

Butterflies in the garden /
ISBN: 0688174787 OCLC: 45002256

HarperCollins, New York : ©2002.

Shows gardeners how to attract butterflies to their gardens and provides other facts about butterflies.

Dumb cane and daffodils :
ISBN: 0688087914 OCLC: 19740679

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1990.

Describes the physical characteristics, natural habitats, and harmful effects of several varieties of plants grown in North America.

Dune country :
ISBN: 080400854X OCLC: 10779501

Swallow Press, Athens, Ohio : 1984.

  Moonseed and mistletoe :
ISBN: 0688073077 OCLC: 16082917

Morrow Junior Books, New York : 1988.

Introduces plants to be found in the wild that may be trouble some to us by irritating the skin or causing illness or death from tasting or eating.

My backyard garden /
ISBN: 0688147550 OCLC: 36498876

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1998.

Explains how to start your own vegetable garden and how to cope with common problems, describing the round of activities from month to month throughout the year.

My indoor garden /
ISBN: 0688147534 OCLC: 39124345

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1999.

Discusses how to care for plants indoors, including such aspects as light, temperature, humidity, pests, diseases, equipment, and how to choose and grow your own plants.

  On the forest edge /
ISBN: 0688221629 OCLC: 3845249

Morrow, New York : 1978.

Describes the plants and animals that inhabit the area where the edge of a forest meets an abandoned field.

On the wing :
ISBN: 0688166490 OCLC: 44270261

HarperCollins Publishers, [New York] : ©2001.

Explore the journeys of nearly thirty different birds as they take flight across the Americas.

Pitcher plants :
ISBN: 0688017177 OCLC: 8628561

W. Morrow, New York : 1983.

Paintings, drawings, and text depict the species of plant known as pitcher plants, which eat insects to survive.

Plant families /
ISBN: 0688078818 OCLC: 18560488

Morrow Junior Books, New York : ©1989.

Provides simplified descriptions of twelve of the largest families of flowering plants in North America.

Plants that make you sniffle and sneeze /
ISBN: 068811489X OCLC: 26854627

Morrow Junior Books, New York : 1993.

Discusses hay fever and describes the various plants whose pollen triggers hay fever allergies with information on where they grow, how their pollen is dispersed, and what can be done to avoid exposure to these irritants.

Seasons of the tallgrass prairie /
ISBN: 068832245X OCLC: 6144349

Morrow, New York, N.Y. : 1980.

Describes the plant life of the American prairie, season by season, and the role of wildfire in its ecology.

The 100-year-old cactus
ISBN: 0590078798 OCLC: 9080784

Describes the first 100 years of the saguaro cactus as it grows from seed to adult plant in the hot, dry desert of Arizona and provides food and shelter for the desert animals.

Tree flowers
ISBN: 0688027695 OCLC: 9853860

W. Morrow, New York : 1984.

Text and drawings follow the growth cycle of twelve common flowering trees: pussywillow, white oak, sugar maple, elm, apple, horse chestnut, flowering dogwood, magnolia, witch hazel, black walnut, black locust, and tulip tree.