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Karolis Gintaras Zukauskas

Pen Name: Gint Aras

Connection to Illinois: Aras lives in Oak Park.

Biography: Gint Aras is an MFA graduate from Columbia University. His writing has appeared in Quarterly West, St. Petersburg Review, Curbside Splendor, (Re)Imagine, STIR-Journal and other publications. His novel, The Fugue, was a finalist for the 2016 Chicago Writers Association's Book of the Year Award.

He's a community college instructor, photographer, and has worked as an editor, columnist, interpreter and translator.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Finding the Moon in Sugar
ISBN: 0741450933 OCLC: 307732342

Infinity, [West Conshohocken, PA] : ©2009.

Gint Aras writing is infused with a rare sensitivity for the thousands of seemingly trivial things that give meaning to life. He invites us to laugh at his hero, then sneaks him into our hearts. Dan Vyleta, author of Pavel & I

Relief by Execution: A Visit to Mauthausen
ISBN: 194700347X OCLC: 1088525675

LITTLE BOUND BOOKS, [S.l.] : 2019.

Between the years of 1996-1999, Gint Aras lived a hapless bohemian’s life in Linz, Austria. Decades later, a random conversation with a Polish immigrant in a Chicago coffeehouse provokes a question: why didn’t Aras ever visit Mauthausen, or any of the other holocaust sites close to his former home? The answer compels him to visit the concentration camp in the winter of 2017, bringing with him the baggage of a childhood shaped by his family of Lithuanian WWII refugees. The result is this meditative inquiry, at once lyrical and piercing, on the nature of ethnic identity, the constructs of race and nation, and the lasting consequences of collective trauma.

The Fugue
ISBN: 0986092258 OCLC: 949278867

Tortoise Books [S.l.] : 2016

After over a decade in prison, a young sculptor, Yuri Dilienko, returns to his old neighborhood in Cicero, Illinois. He finds the town stripped of so many places he used to know, while the town's familiar streets, bricks and steeples trigger memories of his traumatic youth. To convalesce, he sculpts from collected scrap metal, but his arrival in town soon rouses a young girl, Lita Avila, to curiosity. Could this reclusive and oddly quiet man, whose art is sensitive yet intense, truly be guilty of setting fire to his parents' bungalow and burning them alive? At once an homage to the urban grit of Nelson Algren and the family sagas of Leo Tolstoy, The Fugue is a true epic that spans three generations and over fifty years.