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Gerry Lekas

Connection to Illinois: Lekas is a longtime Chicagoan. He lives in Glenview.

Biography: Gerry Lekas has played a variety roles: middle school social studies teacher, songwriter, playwright, and game developer.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

Where the Tour Buses Don't Go: Chicago's Hidden Sites of the Mysterious, Macabre, Ghostly & Glamorous
ISBN: 1934912921 OCLC: 1164184260

Black Lyon Publishing 2020

This isn't your average travel book--and these aren't your average tourist destinations! Take a wild ride through hidden Windy City history--often dark, sometimes inexplicable, and occasionally glamorous. Meet the gangsters, ghosts, serial killers and celebrities that only Chicago could produce. This journey into eclectic Chicago lore includes: 19 spine-tingling creepy sites (Resurrection Mary, Lonely Ghost of Lake Forest, St. Rita's and so many more); all things Al Capone (seven notable Scarface sites and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre); other Outfit bigshot hangouts, graves and hit locations; Monsters of the Midway like Holmes, Gacy, Speck and more; murder and mayhem featuring 12 killers; and literally dozens of celebrity homes and hangouts from downtown to the suburbs and beyond! --