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Case Kenny

Connection to Illinois: Case Kenny is a Chicago, IL based mindfulness author and podcast host of the top 25 US podcast "New Mindset, Who Dis?"

Biography: Case Kenny is an entrepreneur, mindfulness leader, host and founder of the top 25 podcast New Mindset, Who Dis on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Supported by some of today’s biggest celebrities including Hailey Bieber, Sophia Bush, and Lucy Hale, Viola Davis and featured on Good Morning America, you might recognize him from his viral coffee cup and post-it quotes on Instagram, which have been shared by millions and featured by Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Complex, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan and many more. Created in 2018, Kenny’s podcast New Mindset, Who Dis features his short, no BS take on all things mindfulness in a relatable way - empowering people to be happier and live more fulfilling lives by changing their mindsets in all areas of life spanning from self-worth and empowerment to dating and relationships, career advice, and more.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

But First, Inner Peace: A practical guide to manifesting a peaceful life and the new beginnings that come with it

Independently Published 2022

From Best-Selling author and podcaster Case Kenny… It’s time to step into your life’s best chapter. But First, Inner Peace is a one-of-a-kind 60 day manifestation experience designed to give you clarity about what you deserve in life and then show you how to get it. It consists of 60 chapters - part book, part journal - to show you WHY you deserve more, better or different and then through 60 days of perspective and self love prompts... how to make it a reality. But First, Inner Peace takes a unique approach to the concept of “manifestation” and "law of attraction" by focusing on how inner peace is the foundation for creating and receiving anything your heart desires. The unique ‘perspective + prompt’ chapter structure reminds you what you bring to the table and then shows you WHY you deserve more, better or different and HOW to create it. Over 60 days, you will: - find the inner peace you deserve - give yourself closure and move forward - heal from your past - start a new and rewarding life chapter Case Kenny is best known for his podcast New Mindset, Who Dis where he approaches life and love through the lens of simple mindfulness. He draws from what he calls “logical mindfulness” which encourages listeners/readers to find proof of their “why” from life experiences. His podcast is a four-year running top 25 podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and his quotes/affirmations on gained viral popularity on social media driven by support from celebrity voices like Hailey Bieber, Lucy Hale and others. But First Inner Peace will help you realize it’s your turn to: - be loved like you’ve always loved others - have “you deserve better” finally come true - see your hard work pay off in big ways - have the spotlight you’ve always given others - have a new beginning become something magical

That's Bold of You: How To Thrive as Your Most Vibrant, Weird, and Real Self

Independently Published 2022

From best-selling author and podcaster Case Kenny… Have you ever been called “too much” or told to “be realistic?” Do you exude a passion for life that makes you feel misunderstood, weird, or out of place? That’s Bold of You is a call to unlearn the labels society has put on you - difficult, sensitive, intimidating, crazy, too loud, too quiet, too independent, etc. - and embrace being your own version of “too much.” That’s the part of you that speaks loud and clear to your uniqueness and your willingness to express who you are. It’s the source of your self esteem, your individuality, your standards, and what brings you joy… and it’s time to reclaim its power. It’s time to say goodbye to “sorry” and pressure to conform, and, instead, emphatically embrace what makes you different and bold. It’s time to let go of who you’re NOT: … the labels that don’t define you … your past and the weight it carries … the timelines given to you … expectations of who you’re supposed to be … pressure to be “normal” … so you can embrace who you really are. That’s Bold of You presents a mix of Case Kenny’s signature mindfulness alongside science-backed research to help you let go of self-judgment and harness your boldest energy in all facets of life. Kenny is best known for his podcast New Mindset, Who Dis where he approaches life and love through the lens of simple, no BS mindfulness. He draws from his life experiences and what he calls “logical mindfulness” where he encourages listeners/readers to find proof of their “why” from life experiences. His podcast is a 4-year running top 25 podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and his quotes/affirmations gained viral popularity driven by support from celebrity voices like Hailey Bieber, Lucy Hale, Viola Davis, and others.

The New Mindset Journal: Catch Feelings For Yourself & Find Inner Peace - Guided Daily Self Care - Gratitude Journal - Mindfulness & Manifestation Prompts - New Mindset, Who Dis
ISBN: 057833254X OCLC:

New Mindset, Who Dis? 2020

60 days of relatable “no pressure” journaling prompts designed to be done in ~10 minutes. The 60 Day New Mindset Journal uses the perfect balance of guided and unguided journaling to help you find inner peace, live with gratitude and discover your worth. It is the creation of top mindfulness podcaster Case Kenny whose no BS approach to mindfulness has been featured in Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Men’s Journal, Seventeen Magazine, ABC, FOX and others. * As seen on Good Morning America and used by over 200,000 journalers since 2020 * Side effects include: making power moves, being a carefree goofball, checking off your bucket list and living an unbothered life. 60 days of writing prompts: Each day only takes ~ 10 minutes and can be done at any time - no pressure to do it in the morning or night. Mix of prompted + unprompted journaling styles:Ask yourself the right questions and come to the most powerful realizations about yourself and your self worth. Self discovery in 60 days: Discover what motivates you. Overcome your insecurities. Gain clarity on your life's path. Learn to live with more optimism. Proven success with 200,000+ journalers: Join an incredible community of New Mindset journalers. Get even more from the New Mindset Journal: The New Mindset Journal pairs with the free New Mindset, Who Dis? Podcast. New episodes every Monday and Thursday. Experience The New Mindset Journal effect and catch feelings for yourself in 60 days.

The Unbothered Journal: Calm Your Anxious Thoughts - Daily Anti-Anxiety Stress Relief (60 Days) - Mindfulness, Gratitude and Manifestation
ISBN: 0578350459 OCLC:

New Mindset, Who Dis? 2021

Find your inner “happy place” by unburdening yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking. The Unbothered journal helps you let go of what no longer serves you and find inner peace. Through 60 days of journaling you'll come to discover where your anxious thoughts are coming from, whether you’re “chasing” or “attracting” in life and how to manifest what you deserve. The journal is broken into two parts: The first 30 days focus on leading you to discover the things, people or insecurities that are bothering you right now. The second 30 days focus on empowering you to move forward and embrace your growth. ** Join over 200,000 journalers who have found their “inner happy place” since 2021 ** Calm your anxious thoughts: a daily 10 minute de-stress to unburden yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking by finding your inner place of peace. 60 days of prompts: unique prompts each day are designed to take 10 minutes or less. No pressure journaling: these anti-anxiety prompts are designed to guide you gently to a place of peace - no pressure, no overwhelming instructions… just you and radical honesty. Proven success with 200,000+ journalers: join an incredible community of journalers who face their insecurities, let go of past burdens and learn to be grateful and optimistic. Get even more: The Unbothered Journal pairs with the New Mindset, Who Dis? Podcast - listen to episodes twice a week (Monday and Thursday) for more perspective.