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Fiona Cook

Born: 1985
Connection to Illinois: Cook lives in Chicago.

Biography: Fiona Cook is a writer and visual artist living in Chicago. She is a mother, friend, gardener, and union home health care worker. In 2018, she designed a deck of Lenormand cards for divination, and her book of poetry, Conspire is a word that means to breathe together, was published by the EGG Gallery and Press. In 2020, she released Turn It on Its Head, a collection of illustrated riddles. Fiona is inspired by the magic, mystery, and mischief of our planet Earth and draws from that relationship in her work.


Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children


Selected Titles

The Wheel of the Year: An Illustrated Guide to Nature's Rhythms
ISBN: 1524874809 OCLC: 1330689146

Andrews McMeel Publishing [S.l.] : 2023

A beautifully illustrated, interactive guide to ancient, nature-based holidays and customs. Through themed meditations, crafts, and rituals, young readers can learn about old and new ways of honoring the seasons—and create their own! Each “spoke” in The Wheel of the Year marks an important turning point: the winter and summer solstices, the spring and fall equinoxes, and the festivals of seeding, growing, and harvesting that arrive in between. Within each section, enjoy: An overview of the holiday and its significance in cultures around the world A sensory scavenger hunt for sights, sounds, and smells the season Ideas for a seasonal altar using objects from nature Themed crafts, rituals, games, and recipes Blending nature connection with art, poetry, and myth, The Wheel of the Year conveys the magic and beauty of ancient traditions and encourages young readers to notice, care for, and celebrate the natural world around them.