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Irene Hunt

Born: May 8, 1907 in Pontiac, Illinois
Died: May 8, 2001 in Savoy, Illinois

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Irene Hunt was born in Pontiac, Illinois and then moved to Newton, Illinois with her family before she was one year of age. She taught in the public schools in Oak Park and Cicero.

Biography: Hunt taught in the public schools in Oak Park and Cicero and at the University of South Dakota for a total of 39 years. Her graduate work in psychology has helped make her characters unusually real. Her first novel, ''Across Five Aprils'', was published when she was 57. She based her story on the life of her grandfather and set it on the family farm where she grew up. All of Hunt's books are carefully researched and she was won several awards including the Newberry Medal.

  • Charles W. Follett Award in 1964 Newbery Honor book for ''Across Five Aprils'' in 1965 Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in 1966 Newbery Medal for ''Up a Road Slowly'' in 1967 Parents' Choice Award for ''The Everlasting Hills'' in 1985

Primary Audience(s): Children; Children

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Selected Titles

Across five Aprils /
ISBN: 0425182789 OCLC: 48846739

Berkley Jam Books, New York : 2002, ©1964.

Young Jethro Creighton grows from a boy to a man when he is left to take care of the family farm in Illinois during the difficult years of the Civil War.

Claws of a young century :
ISBN: 0684165252 OCLC: 6042769

Scribner's, New York : ©1980.

Seventeen-year-old Ellen's optimistic dream of a bright new century full of hope on New Year's Eve 1899 seems a far cry from the reality of the next 20 years as she and all those close to her fight private and social battles that leave none of their lives unchanged.

Lottery Rose.
ISBN: 9781442035737 OCLC: 317924339

Paw Prints 2009.

No promises in the wind /
ISBN: 0425182800 OCLC: 48843783

Berkley Jam Books, Chicago : 2002, ©1970.

A fifteen-year-old boy struggles to survive and come to terms with inner conflicts in the desperate world of the Depression.

The everlasting hills /
ISBN: 0684183404 OCLC: 11917557

Scribner, New York : ©1985.

When a bitter mountain man cannot accept his twelve-year-old son's mental retardation, the boy wanders into the wilderness and finds in a stranger the father he has never had.

The Lottery rose /
ISBN: 0425182797 OCLC: 48846713

Berkley Jam Books, New York : 2002, ©1976.

A young victim of child abuse gradually overcomes his fears and suspicions when placed in a home with other boys.

  Trail of apple blossoms
ISBN: 0382243684 OCLC: 27643546

Modern Curriculum Press, [Morristown, NJ] : 1993.

Johnny Appleseed's good will and humanity towards all living things is felt by a family settling in the Ohio wilderness.

  Up a road slowly
ISBN: 9780792782094 OCLC: 779844699

AudioGO, North Kingstown, R.I. : ℗2011.

After her mother's death, Julie goes to live with Aunt Cordelia, a spinster schoolteacher, where she experiences many emotions and changes as she grows from seven to eighteen.

Up a road slowly /
ISBN: 0425202054 OCLC: 14191082

Berkley Books, New York : 1986, ©1966.

Describes the experiences of a seventeen-year-old in a rural area and how she copes with death and birth, love and hate and self discovery.

  William /
ISBN: 0441889816 OCLC: 26650934

Tempo Books, New York : ©1977

Three orphaned black children get together with a teenage white girl to form a new and loving family group.