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Angela Davis

Born: March 23, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: Angela Lewis, Angela E. Davis

Connection to Illinois: Davis was born in Chicago and graduated from both Chicago State University and Lewis University. She currently resides in Homewood, Illinois.

Biography: Davis is a retired elementary teacher with a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction/Early Childhood Education. Her expertise is in the field of reading and language arts for the young child. As an educator, she often created her own learning material to facilitate the diverse needs of the urban child in her care. After many years of testing her materials, she developed a unique, innovative early intervention-approach to teaching reading to children gowing up in urban environments. This approach, called ''The Language/Vocabulary Acquisition Approach'', has completely changed the dynamic of how we approach the African American child in the area of reading.


Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

  Dreams can come true :
ISBN: 0970980000 OCLC: 48412423

Enter-Ed Pub. for Kids, Chicago, Ill. : ©2001.

  Judy's tale :
ISBN: 9781934172018 OCLC: 76411650

All 4 Kidz Enterprises, Chicago, Ill. : 2006.

When a storm badly damages Judy's family's home, everyone is sad about their loss, but glad none of them were hurt, but what will Judy do now that all of her books are gone?

  Trudy's tale :
ISBN: 9781934172049 OCLC: 76411654

All 4 Kidz Enterprises, Chicago, Ill. : ©2006.

As the only girl in a family of six children, Trudy finds out how important it is to always do your best no matter what the situation.

  Urban kidz.
ISBN: 0970980043 OCLC: 56730588

Enter-Ed Pub. for Kids, Chicago, Ill. : ©2001.

  Urban kidz.
ISBN: 0970980019 OCLC: 56730544

Enter-Ed Pub. for Kids, Chicago, Ill. : ©2001.

  Urban kidz.
ISBN: 0970980051 OCLC: 56730470

Enter-Ed Pub. for Kids, Chicago, Ill. : ©2001.

  Urban kidz. what's in outer space
ISBN: 0970980027 OCLC: 77522230

All 4 Kids Enterprises, Homewood, Ill. : 2005.