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Molly McQuade

Born: New York
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: N/A

Biography: N/A

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Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

An unsentimental education :
ISBN: 0226562107 OCLC: 31609074

University of Chicago Press, Chicago : 1995.

An Unsentimental Education is a collection of candid interviews with twenty-one of our leading novelists and poets. Presented as first-person essays, the interviews are with contemporary writers who have studied or taught at the University of Chicago. The book provides an occasion for the writers to reflect on their Chicago experiences and on ideas about education in general. What education does a writer need? How can formal learning impel the writing life? What school stories or tales told out of school do Philip Roth, Hayden Carruth, Marguerite Young, George Steiner, Charles Simic, Susan Sontag, and Saul Bellow have in store and want to share?

Barbarism /
ISBN: 1884800270 OCLC: 43990729

Four Way Books, Marshfield, MA : ©2000.

By herself :
ISBN: 1555972977 OCLC: 43755369

Graywolf Press, Saint Paul, Minn. : ©2000.

Have women moved beyond the status of cultural outsiders to become full participants in poetry and its criticism? In By Herself, women poets reconsider their art form on their own terms, and the results are telling: a collection of essays that are original, challenging, playful, ruthlessly individualistic, and inviting. Many of the essays are new; others are "classics" of poetry criticism. They cover a dazzling range of territory, from discussion of craft to reappraisals of both female and male poets to enlightened backtalk. From Jorie Graham to Eavan Boland, from Adrienne Rich to Rita Dove, the contributors express contemporary poetry's diversity of views and styles.

Stealing glimpses :
ISBN: 1889330256 OCLC: 39256390

Sarabande Books, Louisville, Ky. : ©1999.

"In her first collection of essays, Molly McQuade performs the role of the ideal reader - passionately interested in ideas and irrepressibly ambivalent. She considers poetry from its composition or translation to its publication, critical reception, and consumption. Her close readings of poems by Emily Dickinson and John Ashbery, among others, offer new insights for those readers blinded by familiarity. She reflects on the consequences of literary friendships, such as Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop's, and contends with hostile influences and their benefits - in her own case, confronting and absorbing the work of E.B. White."--BOOK JACKET. "But McQuade refuses to stay within the lines that describe poetry per se. Her thoughts on the genre are also enriched by discussions of distinctly nonverbal poetic expression in painting and film, theater and dance."--Jacket.