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Carol Blake Gerrond

Born: April 9, 1933, Neponset, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Gerrond is a columnist and special feature writer for Star Courier of Illinois.

Biography: I'm a lifelong Midwesterner with a love for homemaking, teaching, and writing. I'm a graduate of Illinois State University with a double major in speech and English, and a minor in library science. I taught in these fields for 27 years, and substituted in them for 18 more, plus I spent several years as granny-nanny for my 3 granddaughters.I've been married to Wayne Gerrond for 56 years. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, and usually a couple of granddogs, plus a cat or two.'''Gerrond's other works include:''' '''Children's Serial:'''*''Hideout in Bishop Hill'' (''Kewanee Star Courier'') Release Date: 2006'''Play:'''*''The Right Night for Rosie'' (''Plays, The Drama Magazine for Young People'') Release Date: January/February 2000'''Magazine Article:'''*''Ag Boys of '55 Reunite in the Year 2000: Successful Farming'' Release Date: November, 2000'''Short Stories:''' *''Woman's World Magazine'' - 16 short fiction stories from 1983-2006'''Newspaper Columns and Feature Stories:'''*''Kewanee Star Courier'' - 2006-To Present


Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; journalism

Email: waynecar@mchsi
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Selected Titles

Don't say love! /
ISBN: 0803489730 OCLC: 27229305

Avalon, New York : ©1993.

Nurse Jean O'Mara makes her first trip to London under very bizarre circumstances.

Everything they ever wanted /
ISBN: 0803492944 OCLC: 39083738

Avalon Books, New York : ©1998.

Mollie Moreau, reunited with her childhood enemy Zach Kincannon after twelve years, begins to have much different feelings for him when she is called upon to set up a marriage between him and someone else.

Heartstorm /
ISBN: 0310476011 OCLC: 16523799

Serenade/Serenata Books, Grand Rapids, Mich. : ©1986.

Shadows & secrets /
ISBN: 0803489560 OCLC: 26529125

Avalon, New York : ©1992.

Shadows of the heart /
ISBN: 080349355X OCLC: 41324280

Avalon Books, New York : ©1999.

Speaking of love /
ISBN: 0803490410 OCLC: 29948413

Avalon, New York : ©1994.