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Kyle F. Anderson

Born: in
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Anderson is from Chicago. He attended Walter Payton College Prep School.

Biography: Kyle F. Anderson is a story artist and illustrator with a great passion for animation, games, and comics. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


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Selected Titles

Toos and the zombies
ISBN: 9781494932787 OCLC: 1049156218

Toos (rhymes with moose) is a male, calico cat, which is very rare. So rare in fact, that he's got a string of good luck as long as his furry tale. It helped him survive his tour of Charlotte, in Toos Goes Uptown, and he's going to need it in his new adventure to Chi-town. John and Kyle, Toos's human family, are flying to Chicago to stop the spread of the shambling dead. You heard right-zombies are taking over Kyle's hometown, and he's not going to take it sitting down. Neither will Toos! John and Kyle lock Toos safely in his crate, so they can go fight, but Toos breaks out to help however he can. Little does he know: the slimy, stinky enemy is right outside his door! Toos and the Zombies is a visually stunning, fun filled, and action-packed tale of courage and mischief, in which Toos the cat takes a fright-seeing tour of the Windy City and finds out just how far he'll go to protect his family. Will this feline's good fortune help him save the day? Or has Toos's luck finally run out?--Publisher's description.