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Les Roberts

Born: 1937 in Chicago, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Les was born in Chicago.

Biography: Though he was already writing at just six years old, he began his career as an actor in Chicago and doing summer stock in Taos, New Mexico. He then moved on to New York, where his writing began to overtake his acting career. He wrote for such classics as Candid Camera and The Jackie Gleason Show.


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A shoot in Cleveland :
ISBN: 1598510096 OCLC: 59360051

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2005], ©1998.

A shoot in Cleveland :
ISBN: 0312186630 OCLC: 38249280

St. Martin's Press, New York : 1998.

Cleveland P.I. Milan Jacovich is back on his own turf and recovering from the death of his best friend and partner. Hoping a new assignment will take his mind off his troubles, he accepts an "easy" job baby-sitting the up-and-coming star of a Hollywood film that is being shot in Cleveland. A wild box-office hunk, Darren Anderson has a reputation for scandalous behavior, and the producer of the movie is depending on Milan to see to it that he doesn't get into any trouble. When Darren seduces the underage daughter of the film's major investor right under Milan's nose, the actor faces possible police charges and the angry father pulls his investment. Milan - disgusted with the actor's reprehensible behavior - quits his job in a fury. The next day Darren is found murdered, and Milan unwillingly finds himself in the spotlight as he becomes both suspect and P.I. on the case in an attempt to clear his name and relieve his guilty conscience.

Collision bend :
ISBN: 159851007X OCLC: 59360072

Gray & Co., Cleveland, Ohio : 2005.

Ex-cop Milan must investigate the murder of a television reporter and discovers that the prime suspect is his former lover's boyfriend.

The best-kept secret :
ISBN: 159851010X OCLC: 62889102

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2006]

The Chinese fire drill
ISBN: 1410401146 OCLC: 60197819

Five Star, Waterville, Me. : 2003, ©2001.

The Chinese fire drill /
ISBN: 0786237600 OCLC: 48053859

Five Star, Waterville, Me. : 2001.

"When expatriate novelist Anthony Holton, living in Bangkok, discovers that his best friend Jake McKay has gone missing in Hong Kong along with his pride and joy, he is on the next plane to help. Jake is that kind of friend. What he finds when he gets there is a collection of pretty scary people, including a fugitive diamond smuggler, the godfather of a feared Chinese triad, a young Chinese billionarie, and an American soldier of fortune who knows every way there is to kill a man."--Back cover.

The Cleveland local :
ISBN: 0312168012 OCLC: 36930724

St. Martin's Press, New York : 1997.

A Cleveland lawyer is murdered in the Caribbean and police write it off as a robbery attempt. But his sister suspects there's more to it and hires PI Milan Jacovich. Sure enough, the trail leads to a union pension fund, corrupt officials and gangsters.

The Cleveland local :
ISBN: 1598510088 OCLC: 59360055

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2005], ©1997.

The Dutch :
ISBN: 9781598510126 OCLC: 62889106

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2006], ©2001.

The Indian sign
ISBN: 031225217X OCLC: 43487320

Thomas Dunne Books, New York : 2000.

Cleveland private eye Milan Jacovich takes on two cases: discovering the background of a factory employee and solving the murder of an elderly Native American from Michigan.

The Indian sign :
ISBN: 1598510118 OCLC: 62889105

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2006], ©2000.

The Irish sports pages :
ISBN: 9781598510133 OCLC: 62889107

Gray & Co., Cleveland : [2006], ©1998.

A slick con man, posing as a recent Irish immigrant alone in America, is preying on the clannish loyalties of the Irish community of Cleveland, Ohio for gifts, money and other treats. When Judge Maureen Hartigan realizes she's been bamboozled, she and her daughter hire private eye Milan Jacovich to chase down the swindler.

The lake effect :
ISBN: 1598510053 OCLC: 59360047

Gray & Co., Cleveland : 2005.

The lake effect :
ISBN: 0312115377 OCLC: 31044903

On becoming the security man for a mayoral candidate in a quiet Wasp town, Milan Jacovich of Cleveland sees the job as a paid holiday. Instead there are dirty tricks, corruption and murder. By the author of The Cleveland Connection.