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Dorothy Haas

Born: 1935 in Racine, Wisconsin
Died: 2007 in Chicago, Illinois

Pen Name: Dan McCune, Dee Francis

Connection to Illinois: Haas lived in Chicago and many of her books are set in Chicago.

Biography: Dorothy Haas was an editor and author who specialized in books for children and young adults. After graduating from Marquette in 1955, she took a summer job with Whitman Publishing Division of Western Publishing Company in Racine. Soon after, she became a senior editor and worked there until 1968 then started working as the senior editor for Worldbook Childcraft in Chicago. At Whitman, Haas developed and supervised several series of books for young children. In addition to editing these books, Ms. Haas published her first book ''Little Joe's Puppy'' and also authored over twenty picture books for Whitman. In 1970, Haas started working with Rand-McNally as the editor of books for children and young adults. As an Editor, she shephered more than 600 books for children across a wide spectrum. After her retirement in 1983, she devoted herself to writing on a full-time basis. She wrote more than 50 titles, ranging from picture books for toddlers through novels and books on science, sports, and biography for teenaged readers. Titles include, 'The Bears Upstairs,' and 'The Secret Life of Dilly McBean.' Many of her books are set in Chicago where she lives. Her books have won awards based on votes by children in many states.

  • ''Children's Reading Round Table Award'' for Distinguished Service in the Field of Children's Literature in 1979 Deutscher Jugendbuchpreise in 1980 for ''The Bears Upstairs'' ''Lifetime of Literary Achievement'' from the Society of Midland Authors in 1995

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Children

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Selected Titles

  Aus dem Taxi kamen Bären
ISBN: 3423074884 OCLC: 74576784

Deutscher Taschenbuch-Verlag München 1983

Burton and the giggle machine
ISBN: 0671798979 OCLC: 33991962

Pocket Books, New York : 1996, ©1992.

When Burton invents a machine to make people laugh, it arouses curiosity and greed in the evil Professor Savvy. Sequel to Burton's zoom zoom va-room machine.

Burton's zoom zoom va-room machine
ISBN: 002738201X OCLC: 21031554

Bradbury Press, New York : ©1990.

Evil Professor Savvy tries to steal Burton's newest invention, a rocket-powered skateboard.

Burton's zoom zoom va-rooom machine
ISBN: 0671747029 OCLC: 27875804

Pocketl Books, New York : 1993, ©1990.

Evil Professor Savvy tries to steal Burton's newest invention, a rocket-powered skateboard.

Dorothy and old King Crow
ISBN: 039488227X OCLC: 13329532

Random House, New York : ©1986.

Luckily for Dorothy, Spelling Bee helps her spell a hard word so she can break King Crow's spell over Scarecrow.

  Dorothy and the seven-leaf clover
ISBN: 0140324453 OCLC: 38724074

Puffin Books, London ; 1988, ©1985.

When Toto disappears while they are visiting their friends in Oz, Dorothy finds him caught by an unusual Golden Boy who is under the spell of the Wicked Witch of the West.

  El regalo de Tomás
ISBN: 9682424461 OCLC: 32985266

Trillas, México, D.F. : ©1990.

ISBN: 9682424496 OCLC: 33146851

Editorial Trillas, Mexico : [1994?]

A rodeo horsemanship competition is disrupted when a Brahma bull charges into the ring.

Michael Jordan /
ISBN: 0896863646 OCLC: 16922617

Crestwood House, Mankato, Minn., U.S.A. : 1988.

A career biography of high-scoring Michael Jordan, basketball player with the Chicago Bulls.

  My first communion
ISBN: 080755331X OCLC: 14002220

A. Whitman, Niles, Ill. : 1987.

Describes a Catholic girl's preparations for her first communion, the ceremony itself, and her celebration afterwards with her family.

New friends
ISBN: 9780590415064 OCLC: 18310795

Scholastic, New York : 1988.

Polly, the new girl in town, is lively and fun-loving while Jillian, on the quiet side, is just the opposite, but they may become friends--even best friends.

  Not starring Jilly! /
ISBN: 0590423924 OCLC: 20387488

Scholastic, New York : 1989.

Peanut and Jilly write a play as their project, and when it turns out well, the teacher decides the class will put it on. The only problem is that everyone wants to be in it except Jilly--who doesn't have the nerve to talk in front of a crowd.

  Patrick and the duckling
ISBN: 0603001483 OCLC: 16486201

Dean, London : 1979.

Peanut and Jilly forever
ISBN: 9780590415071 OCLC: 18440514

Scholastic, New York, NY : ©1988.

Peanut and Jilly, the most competitive girls in their class, think that they cannot stand each other, until their teacher assigns them the task of studying and writing reports about each other.

  Peanut in charge /
ISBN: 0590423916 OCLC: 20740199

Scholastic, New York, NY : ©1989.

Peanut has her first baby-sitting job.

Poppy and the outdoors cat
ISBN: 0590335677 OCLC: 12282316

Scholastic, New York : ©1981.

A young girl who finds a cat and tries to take care of it.

The friendship test /
ISBN: 0590435566 OCLC: 21994296

Scholastic Inc., New York, NY : ©1990.

Peanut and Jilly invent a new game--the ladybug test, you get a ladybug if you're good and a spider when you're bad.

The haunted house /
ISBN: 0590415085 OCLC: 18846576

Scholastic, New York : 1988.

Jilly isn't having an ordinary birthday party this year, instead she and Peanut throw a haunted house party. They invite their whole class, but a few mysterious guests turn up, too. Who are they and where are they from?

The secret life of Dilly McBean
ISBN: 0022749551 OCLC: 37262613

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Pub. Co., New York : [1995?]

After being orphaned at an early age and spending years in boarding schools, Dilly begins a new life in a real house in a small town, developing secret magnetic powers under the tutelage of a kindly professor, until he is kidnapped by a madman who plans to control the world with a computer.

To catch a crook
ISBN: 0671672401 OCLC: 19654187

Pocket Books, New York : 1989, ©1988.

When Gabby decides to be a private eye for Career Day, she finds herself involved in investigating a series of puzzling disappearances.

Too much trouble
ISBN: 0590335669 OCLC: 14047242

Scholastic Inc., New York : ©1984.

An eight year old girl wonders if her red hair is the cause of all her troubles.

Trouble at Alcott School
ISBN: 9780590415095 OCLC: 20171404

Scholastic, New York : ©1989.

Miss Kraft's class is in an uproar because not only does Elvis's mice escape, but Erin loses her gold locket.

  Two friends too many /
ISBN: 0590435574 OCLC: 22410679

Scholastic, New York : 1990.

A story about two girls, Peanut and Jilly, who became best friends when Peanut moved to town. Now, Peanut's old best friend, Regan, has come to town. Jilly feels left out. Then Jilly's cat gets lost, and Jilly needs Peanut's help.