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Jean Rabe

Born: 1957 in Ottawa, Illinois
Pen Name: Jordan Gray, Jean Mooney, Jean Erlene Rabe

Connection to Illinois: Rabe was born in Ottawa and lived in Quincy. She studied journalism at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Currently, she resides in Tolono.

Biography: Jean Rabe currently write mysteries, thrillers and suspense and, mentor graduate-level writing students but she has had a very interesting writing career. After college, Rabe started out as a news reporter at the Quincy Herald-Whig; where she was known by her maiden name, Jean Mooney. She left Quincy in the early 1980s when she shifted her news writing career to Evansville, Indiana and ran the western Kentucky news bureau for Scripps-Howard. While covering crime, courts and other breaking news in western Kentucky and southwest Indiana, Rabe honed some of the reportorial skills she still uses today as a full-time fiction writer. She later moved to Wisconsin and wrote ''Dragonlance'' novels and more than three dozen science fiction, fantasy, and adventure novels for TSR, Inc. - the then-producers of the Dungeons & Dragons game, for several years. Rabe has also written short stories and has edited many magazines and anthologies.

  • "The Bone Shroud"
  • -- Winner, Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Winners, 2019
  • "The Love-Haight Case Files, Book 1: Seeking Supernatural Justice"
  • -- Winner, Silver Falchion Award, Best Fantasy
  • -- Winner, Silver Falchion Award, Best Urban Fantasy
  • -- Winner, Silver Falchion Award, Best Multi-Genre Novel

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction; Mystery; Science Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers


Selected Titles

A taste of magic
ISBN: 9781466845978 OCLC: 865181256

Tor, New York : 2013.

The Green Ones favored me this day. Thus begins A Taste of Magic, the latest magical world creation by Andre Norton. Wisteria is magically attuned to the world around her. Her senses relish the tastes of magic that the wonders of nature offer. But the peacefulness of her backwoods existence is shattered when her village is attacked by the raiding force of the bellicose Lord Purvis, who leaves only this twenty-something magic wielder and an adolescent lass as the inadvertent survivors. Wisteria has pledged herself to a mission. Now she and her young ward must brave the wilds beyond their home in pursuit of the ravager who destroyed everyone near and dear to their hearts. The woman with the Taste of Magic now has a taste for vengeance, and the blood oath she has pledged must be satisfied with the life of Lord Purvis. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

ISBN: 0451461010 OCLC: 70199367

New American Library, New York : ©2006.

Hood and his fellow shadowrunners get more than they had bargained for when the biotechnologically advanced plants they had been hired to steal lead to murder--and their subsequent capture.

ISBN: 0786927186 OCLC: 49697958

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, Wash. : ©2002.

Dhamon Grimwulf and his band of mercenaries greedily eye a long-forgotten treasure concealed beneath a grassy plain. Legends promise riches too numerous to count, wealth too grand to be believed. But in a shifting world of secrets and deception, such fortune comes at a high price, higher even than the searing agony Dhamon suffers under the curse of a dragon's scale.

Death march
ISBN: 9780786949175 OCLC: 237879147

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA : ©2008.

Escaping from the slave pens of a Dark Knight mining camp, Direfang the hobgoblin is transformed into the reluctant leader of growing goblin army and--aided by Mudwort the shaman and the Dark Knight wizard Grallik--sets out on a suicidal quest to the Qualinesti Forest, with his former Dark Knight captors in hot pursuit.

ISBN: 0786918144 OCLC: 46417071

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA : 2001, ©2000.

After his fall from being a hero, Dhamon Grimwulf must regain his status as the overlords of Krynn plot to overthrow their enemies.

Dragon mage :
ISBN: 9781466845985 OCLC: 865181942

Tor, New York : 2013.

Shy realizes that she is lucky to be taken inby her grandparents after her father dies'but life above an antique store in Slade's Corners, Wisconsin is not exactly the place a teenage girl wants to be. One day while going through boxes of her father's boyhood stuff, she comes upon a rare old set of dragon puzzles ' all of which are missing pieces. Her grandmother recalls the fantastic tales Shy's father would tell about his travels to lands of dragons and adventure. She always thought that these fantasies were inspired by the puzzlesShy has found. Shy realizes that by mixing and matching the different sets she can complete a single dragon puzzle thatcombines all of the others. Upon doing so she is whisked away to ancient Babylon where she must continue the duties of her father's legacy as a servant to the dragon and a savior of the world. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

Goblin Nation :
ISBN: 1299587283 OCLC: 843338805

Wizards of the Coast, 2010.

Night of the tiger
ISBN: 0786901144 OCLC: 33898955

TSR, Cambridge : 1995.

Pockets of darkness
ISBN: 9781614752783 OCLC: 946929120

Red magic /
ISBN: 1560761180 OCLC: 24941964

TSR, Lake Geneva, Wisc. : ©1991.

ISBN: 0786930063 OCLC: 50140252

Wizards of the Coast ; Renton, WA : ©2002.

Dhamon Grimwulf continues his quest to find a way to end the curse that is destroying his body and to atone for his past actions, aided by a mad Solamnic Knight and a wingless draconian.

Return to Quag Keep
ISBN: 9780765351524 OCLC: 154703844

Tor, New York : 2008, ©2006.

Six courageous adventurers return to the city of Greyhawk to embark on an all new quest, the prize for which could be a return to their own world.

Secret of the Djinn
ISBN: 1560768649 OCLC: 31783517

TSR, Cambridge : 1994.

Role playing-as in a young pearl diver who is propelled into an amazing adventure when you uncork and old bottle you discover at the bottom of the sea. You are whisked far from hom on a magical quest to free the king of the sea djinn. Only your choices can help you.

Shadows Down Under: Shadowrun, #8
ISBN: 9781386901006 OCLC: 1028554719

A SAVAGE KILLER STALKS THESTREETS...Someone-or something-is killing nightclub entertainers in Kings Cross, Australia. Striking from the shadows, methodical, heinous, the murderer has wrapped the bawdy, colorful community in a suffocating blanket of terror.Ninniniru Ninn Tossinn, a troubled private investigator, joins forces with Baraka, an elderly Aborigine shaman, to uncover the truth behind the malevolent force-and put themselves on the Cross Slayer's list. But can they defeat the darkness, survive Sydney's powerful mana storm, and reach the true heart of the evil threatening the city Their search takes them from gritty alleys filled with gang symbols and worse to beneath the squatter-filled harbor bridge over shark-infested waters.But as their investigation deepens, soon the Cross Slayer isn't the only foe stalking them. Ninn and Baraka have to put all their trust in each other if they're going to bring the Slayer to justice, uncover the conspiracy behind the murders, and stay alive long enough to do both.

The bone shroud /
ISBN: 1732003602 OCLC: 1128024132

"The Bone Shroud Irem Madigan's wedding trip to Rome turns into a desperate search for historical relics, and a struggle to stay ahead of a killer. Irem, an archivist at the Chicago Field Museum, flies to Italy to be the "best man" in her brother's wedding. He's marrying an archaeologist who lures Irem into a centuries-old mystery. Unfortunately, there are other players in the game, and some of them are playing deadly. Can she survive and uncover the ancient secrets? Strong characters, shady dealings, ruthless villains, a beautiful setting, an ancient mystery--The Bone Shroud has 'em all. Don't miss it! New York Times bestselling Richard Baker, author of Valiant Dust Jean Rabe uses her mastery of flowing prose to immerse you in a world of archaeological intrigue. From the art world to the underworld, keep your mind sharp as the bread crumbs she leaves are there to find if you read with your eyes wide open. With an intrigue reminiscent of Michael Crichton, I expect you'll like this book as much as I did. Internationally bestselling author Craig Martelle Intrigue, romance, and danger amid the relics of Rome's storied past, with compelling characters and building tension that will keep you turning pages! Gail Z. Martin, bestselling author of Vendetta""

The cauldron /
ISBN: 161475313X OCLC: 914450832

What if everything you knew about your life was wrong? What if your memories were fabrications? What if familiar faces were merely shades conjured up in a foggy dream? Carl Johnson must wrestle with his concept of self on a journey to discover his past and save his sanity ... and maybe save Earth in the process.

The dawning of a new age
ISBN: 0786928425 OCLC: 50032592

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, Wa. : 2002, ©1996.

After the Chaos War, the gods leave the world to begin the Age of Mortals, but dragons come to Ansalon before the nations have recovered, and new heroes must rise up against the new dragon overlords.

The day of the tempest
ISBN: 0786928573 OCLC: 50420786

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA : ©2000.

The dead of Jerusalem Ridge /
ISBN: 1732526729 OCLC: 1227781056

Sheriff Piper Blackwell's three-day vacation with old Army buddies ends in tragedy. At the same time, a vile hate crime along a county road enrages her department. Their forces divided, Piper and her deputies must solve both cases before tensions boil and threaten the rural fabric of Spencer County, Indiana. Only eight months on the job, the young sheriff must weave together cles to uncover both a killer and a secredt that could scar her soul.

The dead of night
ISBN: 9781772233087 OCLC: 1012403024

As Sheriff Piper Blackwell rushes to a clandestine meeting with an aging, paranoid veteran who believes spies are trailing his every move, she is caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Pounding rain drums against the bluff, washing away the earth and revealing a grisly secret someone tried to bury a long time ago. Putting a name to the skeleton on the bluff, and searching for the thief who robbed the old veteran of his life's earnings, sends Piper delving into the sleepy towns that dot her rural county. Now she's digging into pasts perhaps best left alone. Accompanied by Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper seeks to expose a truth someone wants to remain forever hidden. The investigation may have started with a thunderstorm, but Piper aims to finish it and find justice. Uncovering fragments of Spencer County's history could prove more dangerous-and deadlier-than she ever expected.--Back cover.

The dead of winter :
ISBN: 9781772232745 OCLC: 965781170

In a deceptively peaceful county, a murderer hides in plain sight ... Fifty-eight minutes into her first day on the job, twenty-three-year-old Sheriff Piper Blackwell is faced with a grisly murder-the victim artfully posed amid decorations on his lawn. Drawing on former military training, Piper must prove herself worthy of the sheriff's badge, and that won't be easy. Chief Deputy Oren Rosenberg, Piper's opponent in the recent election, doesn't like her and wants her to fail. She doesn't like him either, but she needs Oren to help catch the killer before another victim is discovered. Too late! As Piper leads the manhunt, another crisis hits close to home. Her father, the previous sheriff, is fighting for his life, and she is torn between family and duty. Facing personal and professional threats, Piper has to weather a raging storm, keep the sheriff's department from crumbling around her, and reel in a killer during the most brutal winter sleepy Spencer County, Indiana, has experienced.

The eve of the maelstrom
ISBN: 0786928603 OCLC: 51072247

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA : ©2002.

Malystryx, the greatest and most evil of the dragons that have conquered Ansalon, is no longer content ruling her domain and sets out to find away to ascend to godhood, and only one band of heroes blocks her way.

The finest challenge
ISBN: 9781429914512 OCLC: 865116054

Tor, New York : 2013.

They were the Finest Creations--mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically, and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and to protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue. THE FINEST CHALLENGE Kalantha has successfully rescued her brother from the shadow of the evil bishop's bellicose influence, but now finds herself cut off from both him and her Finest protector, Gallant Stallion. All three must race against the clock to curtail the unnecessary war that the Bishop's minions have engineered. And, still lurking in the shadows and prowling the night skies is the avian menace whose dreams of a carrion-strewn countryside can still come through if their equine nemesis is neutralized. The Finest series combines elements of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series with C.S. Lewis's Narnia to tell an inspiring tale of moral and mystical intrigue. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

The finest choice
ISBN: 0765347288 OCLC: 58526576

TOR, New York : 2005.

An enchanted race of horses with the power to communicate with humans and to guide them with good advice when needed, was given to humankind at the beginning of the world. A young girl named Kalantha becomes the possessor of one of these incredible animals and he endevors to teach her right from wrong and keep her away from the temptations of a wicked world.

The finest creation
ISBN: 9781429985833 OCLC: 865173059

Tor, New York : 2013.

They were the Finest Creations - mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and then protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue. This is as it has been for years unto creation ... but when a young Finest is separated from its mentor before it has been invested with its assignment, the result of an ambush by evil forces bent on corrupting men, the young equine accepts the charge of two orphans to its care not realizing that man's potential may rest in their future ... And that the path forward is already being diverted by an evil mastermind whose manipulation of court politics and affairs of state might instigate a new dark age upon the light of civilization. The Finest Series combines elements of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series with C.S. Lewis's Narnia for an inspiring tale of mystical intrigue and the crucible of morality for mankind. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.

The Love-Haight Case Files, Book 1: Seeking Supernatural Justice
ISBN: 1953062164 OCLC:

Supernatural beings are willing to fight for their legal rights! Since the Summer of Love, the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco has been known for attracting weird and unconventional souls, but things got even stranger when the monsters moved in. Magic has returned to the world and with it a host of supernatural creatures—not just vampires and ghosts, but sentient gargoyles, ghouls, sprites, faeries, and more. The frightened citizenry, holier-than-thou bigots, headline-seeking reporters, and harried police refer to them as OTs (Other-Than-Humans), but Thomas Brock and Evelyn Love believe even supernatural creatures have legal rights. Delve into their case files for a genre-bending mix of mystery, horror, suspense, thrills, courtroom drama, and romance. The city’s OT element is sometimes malevolent, sometimes misunderstood, and often discriminated against. Brock and Love represent them all, dead, undead, or alive—whatever the case, whatever the species.

The rebellion
ISBN: 9780786942800 OCLC: 148729219

Wizards of the Coast, Renton, WA : 2007.

When the Dark Knights' mining camp of Steel Town is devastated, destroying both the goblin slaves and their masters, the surviving goblins, led by a determined hobgoblin and a clever shaman, flee the Dark Knights to seek their freedom and a new homeland.

The silver stair
ISBN: 0786913150 OCLC: 40710837

TSR ; Renton, WA : ©1999.

When the husband is the suspect
ISBN: 9781429974943 OCLC: 865172841

Tor, New York : 2013.

From the bestselling author of The Defense Never Rests, a look at the modern spate of spousal homicides. This book provides an overview of several of the most famous homicidal husband cases of recent years, including: - Sam Sheppard, who inspired the TV series and movie The Fugitive -Jeffrey McDonald, who became the subject of the bestseller Fatal Vision -Mister Perfect, Brad Cunningham, who was convicted of bludgeoning his wife to death -Michael Peterson, who was the subject of the IFC documentary seriesThe Staircaseand a Lifetime movie original starring Treat Williams -OJ Simpson, whose dream team of lawyers defendedthe former pro-football player and movie star of the brutal murder of his ex-wife as the entire nation watched -Claus von Bulow, immortalized in the book and movie Reversal of Fortune -Robert Blake, former TV star, who was suspected of engineering the death of his conwoman wife -Scott Peterson, a philandering sociopathic husband who almost escaped arrest for the murder of his wife and unborn child.-Lambert Bart Knol, who claimed he suffered from substance-induced persistent amnesia when he was accused of killing his wife of 38 years These cases and others are presented in an objective mannerby a knowledgeable voice that recognizes that suspicion, and sometimes even conviction, are not always synonymous with guilt. At the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied.