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Patricia Monaghan

Born: 1946 in Brooklyn, New York
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Patricia lives in Chicago, Illinois.

Biography: Monaghan is an author and poet whose work revolves around the intersection of myth and everyday life. She has published three books of nonfiction and two of poetry. ''The Book of Goddesses and Heroines'', a comprehensive dictionary of the world's goddesses, has been considered the definitive work in its field since its first publication in 1980; it has just been reissued in expanded form as ''The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines''. O Mother Sun: A New View of the Cosmic Feminine examines sun-goddess myths from around the world; Working Wisdom is a book on the application of spiritual teachings to the workplace. ''Winterburning'', Monaghan's first book of poems, is set in her native Alaska; ''Seasons of the Witch'' is a cycle of poems comparing a woman's life to the seasons of the year. She lectures widely on women and spirituality. Monaghan teaches at DePaul University's School for New Learning. Her current work involves exploring the intersections of spirituality and contemporary science, especially chaos theory. She can be reached by email at [].


Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Includes information on "more than 1,500 goddesses from Australia, Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe."--Cover.

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