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Erica Spindler

Born: Rockford, Illinois
Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Erica's hometown is Rockford, Illinois. She now lives with her family in New Orleans.

Biography: Spindler is a New York Times, USA TODAY, Waldenbooks and bestselling author. Erica had planned on becoming an artist, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Delta State University and an Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans in the visual arts.In June 1982, while she was in bed with a cold, she picked up a romance novel for relief from daytime television. She was immediately hooked and soon decided to try to write one herself. She leaped from romance to suspense in 1996 with her novel Forbidden Fruit

  • -- Daphne du Maurier Award, ''BONE COLD''
  • -- Kiss of Death Award , ''FORBIDDEN FRUIT''

Primary Literary Genre(s): Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

A marked man /
ISBN: 0778303810 OCLC: 670190033

Mira, Richmond : 2010, ©2006.

  Blood vines
ISBN: 9781444806595 OCLC: 713814758

Thorpe, Leicester : 2011.

Alex Owens knows little about her childhood or who she really is; her only family an absent, emotionally fragile mother. She¡s always felt something was missing, spending most of her life searching for what that could be. When an infant's remains are unearthed, Alex learns she has a connection to the case. Suddenly long-lost memories flood in, leading her back to a small town in California - and to terrifying nightmares that haunt her every waking moment. Greeted with suspicion, Alex is determined to get to the heart of a secret no one wants to see uncovered. As violent deaths and pagan rituals terrify the tight knit community, Alex is forced to confront the terrible truth about a night that changed her family's lives for ever ...

Blood vines /
ISBN: 0312363931 OCLC: 428026735

St. Martin's Press, New York : 2010.

Following her mother's suicide, Alexandra Owens decided to visit the last person known to have talked to her mother, Detective Daniel Reed. She's shocked to learn that her mother had once been married to a wealthy vintner and an infant son had disappeared. When the marriage ended, Alex's mother left with Alex and moved to San Francisco. Now the bones of an infant had been unearthed in a Sonoma vineyard. Could her mother have killed her baby brother? Alex and Detective Reed investigate.

Bone cold
ISBN: 1552042553 OCLC: 46606364

DH Audio, [Niagara Falls, NY] : ℗2001.

After surviving a childhood kidnapping, Anna became a writer of thrillers. Now her life has taken a new, threatening turn. Has the kidnapper returned, and is he killing other women?

Bone cold /
ISBN: 0778327450 OCLC: 688320255

Mira, Don Mills, Ont. : [2010], ©2001.

Twenty-three years ago Anna North survived a living nightmare. A madman kidnapped her, cut off her pinkie, then vanished. Today Anna lives in New Orleans, writing dark thrillers under another name. She finally feels safe. Suddenly Anna's quiet life takes a frightening turn. Letters start to arrive from a disturbed fan. Anna is followed, her apartment broken into. Then a close friend disappears. Anna turns to homicide detective Quentin Malone, but Malone's more concerned with the recent murders of two women in the French Quarter. But after a third victim is found--a redhead like Anna, her pinkie severed--Malone is forced to acknowledge that Anna is his link to the killer ... and could be the next target. Now Anna must face the horrifying truth--her past has caught up with her. The nightmare has begun again.

ISBN: 9780312363918 OCLC: 233545664

St. Martin's Press, New York : 2009, ©2008.

Pursuing a string of senseless murders of clean-cut young adults, detectives M.C. Riggio and Kitt Lundgren find the investigation shattered by M.C.'s fiance's murder, which strains M.C.'s relationship with Kitt and brings the fiancé's true nature into question.

Cause for alarm
ISBN: 9781848454903 OCLC: 933584910

Copycat /
ISBN: 0778324451 OCLC: 69373216

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ont. : ©2006.

Kitt Lundgren and Mary Catherine "M.C." Riggio of the Rockford, Ill., VCB (Violent Crimes Bureau) hunt the Sleeping Angel Killer, a serial murderer targeting ten-year-old girls.

ISBN: 9781848451308 OCLC: 1023345015

  Forbidden fruit
ISBN: 9781848454965 OCLC: 933584890

Forbidden fruit /
ISBN: 0778303357 OCLC: 496552709

Mira, Richmond : 2010.

"At fifteen, Victor Santos sneaks out to meet friends and returns home to find his mother murdered. But with a half-eaten apple as their sole clue, the police fail to find the killer. Brooding with guilt and revenge, Victor encounters Glory, a girl unaware of her scandalous ancestry. Suffering at the hands of her controlling mother, Glory is desperate to discover the secrets and lies her mother is hiding {u2013} the secrets and lies that Victor holds the key to. Years later, the {u2018}Snow White Killer{u2019} is back in New Orleans, murdering prostitutes and leaving a gruesome calling card. Detective Victor Santos is on the case {u2013} could it be that his mother{u2019}s killer has returned to slaughter once more? "--Publisher.

  Game of scones
ISBN: 9781848454804 OCLC: 930303365

  In silence
ISBN: 9781848451285 OCLC: 55134606

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ont. : ©2003.

When the past and present collide, a woman is found savagely murdered, an outsider passing through town vanishes, and Avery Chauvin begins to wonder, would her father's suicide actually have been a murder.

In silence /
ISBN: 0778328325 OCLC: 406132836

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ont. : [2009], ©2003.

When Avery Chauvin returns to her Louisiana hometown after her father's suicide, she discovers clippings of a fifteen-year-old murder and learns about recent disappearances and murders that lead her to start an investigation.

  Killer takes all
ISBN: 9781848454927 OCLC: 933584912

Killer takes all /
ISBN: 0778323056 OCLC: 60554315

MIRA Books, Don Mills, Ont. : c2005.

When a friend is found murdered in her New Orleans apartment, Stacy Killian, a former Dallas homocide detective, suspects that the killing could be related to a violent fantasy role-playing game called White Rabbit.

Red /
ISBN: 0778327167 OCLC: 276304371

Mira Books, Don Mills, Ont. : 2008, ©1995.

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in Bend, Mississippi, Becky Lynn Lee doesn't have the luxury of dreaming. With an abusive father and a broken mother, she always thought that this was it. But after the ultimate betrayal, Becky Lynn can no longer live the nightmare.

  See Jane die /
ISBN: 0778328333 OCLC: 351302623

MIRA, Don Mills, Ont. : [2009], ©2004.

After her renowned plastic surgeon husband is accused of murder, expectant mother Jane Killian attempts to prove his innocence, discovering that this crime is linked to an accident that left her near death seventeen years ago.

  Shocking pink
ISBN: 9781848454958 OCLC: 933584889

The mysterious lovers the three girls spied on were engaged in a deadly sexual game no one else was supposed to know about. Especially not Andie and her friends, whose curiosity had deepened into a dangerous obsession.... Now, 15 years later, someone is watching Andie. Someone who won't let her forget the unsolved murder of Mrs. X or the disappearance of Mr. X. Suddenly Andie doesn't know who her friends are... because loyalty can be murder. Andie. Julie. Raven. Three very different women bound by more than friendship.

Shocking pink /
ISBN: 0778323781 OCLC: 61670690

Mira Books, Don Mills, Ont. : ©1998.

A trio of women discover a connection to the same man. It turns out David Sandler has business dealings with Raven, is a patient of psychologist Andie and is dating Julie. They will discover another connection--to a murdered woman whose bondage games they spied on as teens.