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Jan Greenberg

Born: N/A
Pen Name: Jill Gregory

Connection to Illinois: Jill grew up in Chicago and received her bachelor of arts degree in English from the University of Illinois.

Biography: Jill Gregory is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of more than thirty historical and contemporary novels and has been honored with the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award, as well as with back-to-back Reviewerís Choice awards for Best Western Historical Romance. Her books have been published in more than twenty-four countries. An animal lover, Jill loves long walks, reading, hot tea on a winterís day, and the company of friends. She lives in Michigan with her husband, and enjoys her home overlooking the woods where the deer, rabbits, squirrels, and an occasional owl or hawk come out to play.

  • Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award in 1998 for Best Historical Western-Never Love A Cowboy. Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award 1999-For Best Western Historical Romance- Cold Night, Warm Stranger. Romantic Times Award for Career Achievement

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Selected Titles

Always you /
ISBN: 0440221838 OCLC: 34383071

Dell Pub., New York, N.Y. : ©1996.

She was asleep when the stranger's hand clamped down hard across her mouth. Melora Deane struggled wildly, but she was no match for the kidnapper who dragged her away from her beloved ranch into Wyoming wilderness on the eve of her wedding. He said his name was Cal. He had a score to settle with Wyatt Holden her wealthy, powerful fiance, and she was the bait.

Cold night, warm stranger /
ISBN: 0440224403 OCLC: 42083270

Dell Pub., New York : 1999.

Maura Reed was all alone in her Montana hotel, curled up in her robe and slippers, when the blizzard hit. It was cold, quiet, and lonely until a rugged gunslinger blew in from the storm demanding shelter. Just for this stormy night Maura wanted someone, something. Recklessly, she abandoned herself in his arms, knowing he would be gone by morning. The last thing she ever expected was the need that drove her into the wilderness to find the stranger who haunted her dreams. He was the fastest gun in the West, a man who feared nothing until he met the woman who touched his heart. Quinn Lassiter didn't even recognize Maura when she cornered him in a distant saloon months later. Never in his wildest dreams did he see himself married until he said the words that made her his wife. He was determined to do the right thing by the woman he'd wronged, but he'd never reckoned on falling in love with her.

Forever after /
ISBN: 0440215129 OCLC: 27804904

Dell Pub., New York, N.Y. : ©1993.

Forced to flee London in terror, street orphan Camilla Brent finds herself under the protection of the magnetically handsome Philip Audley, Earl of Wescott, a man who, to Camilla's dismay, is about to wed London's reigning beauty.

Never love a cowboy /
ISBN: 044022439X OCLC: 39254282

Dell Pub., New York, N.Y. : ©1998.

Emma Malloy returns to her Montana hometown a beautiful and well-educated lady, but despite her father's ongoing feud with the Garrettsons, Emma falls in love with Tucker Garrettson.

Night thunder /
ISBN: 0440237351 OCLC: 55750253

Dell, New York : ©2004.

Josy Warner has to get out of town, fast. A favor for a friend has plunged her into deadly danger and sent the topflight fashion designer fleeing New York to a place where no one knows her name. The tiny Wyoming town of Thunder Creek may be more than the answer to a prayer. It could hold the key to her past and the only family she has left in the world. The last thing she expects is to fall for a rugged man of the land, a handsome widowed sheriff who calls to the wild places in her own heart.

Once an outlaw /
ISBN: 0440235499 OCLC: 48541685

Dell, New York : 2001.

Determined to build a new life for herself and to help her outlaw relatives go straight, Emily Spoon dreams of setting up her own dressmaking business in the town of Forlorn Valley, but her plans are turned upside down by handsome sheriff Clint Barclay, a lawman out to put the notorious Spoon gang behind bars.

Thunder creek /
ISBN: 0440237327 OCLC: 52734111

A Dell Book, New York, NY : 2003.

Years after leaving Thunder Creek and the pain of her past behind, Katy Templeton returns to her hometown and to Jackson Brent, the tough cowboy whom Katy blames for her brother's death, but when she begins to search for the truth about that fateful incident, she discovers that someone is willing to kill to keep her from getting the answers she needs.