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Dan P. McAdams

Pen Name: None

Connection to Illinois: Mr McAdams is chair of the Psychology Department at Northwestern University.



Primary Literary Genre(s): Non-Fiction

Primary Audience(s): Adult readers

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Selected Titles

Autobiography and the psychological study of religious lives
ISBN: 9042025689 OCLC: 423072552

Rodopi, Amsterdam : ©2008.

This volume positions itself on the cutting edge of two fields in psychology that enjoy rapidly increasing attention: both the study of human lives and some core domains of such lives as religion and spirituality are high on the agenda of current research and teaching. Biographies and autobiographies are being approached in new ways and have become central to the study of human lives as an object of research and a preferred method for obtaining unique data about subjective human experiences. Ever since the beginning of the psychology of religion, autobiographies have also been pointed out as a.

Generativity and adult development :
ISBN: 1557984700 OCLC: 38002530

American Psychological Association, Washington, DC : 1998.

Generativity and Adult Development brings together the most creative and informed contemporary thinking and research being done on the psychological, social, and cultural aspects of generativity in adult lives. The book draws together a roster of scholars from the fields of life-span development, personality and social psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, and the arts. The reader will find here a host of stimulating ideas, new research findings, and clinical wisdom about how adults fashion their lives in ways designed to promote the ensuing generations and to leave an enduring legacy that will outlive the self.

George W. Bush and the redemptive dream :
ISBN: 9780199752089 OCLC: 702127861

Oxford University Press, Oxford ; ©2011.

George W. Bush remains a highly controversial figure, a man for whom millions of Americans have very strong feelings. Dan McAdams' book offers an astute psychological portrait of Bush, one of the first biographies to appear since he left office as well as the first to draw systematically from personality science to analyze his life. McAdams, an international leader in personality psychology and the narrative study of lives, focuses on several key events in Bush's life, such as the death of his sister at age 7, his commitment to sobriety on his 40th birthday, and his reaction to the terrorist a.

Identity and story :
ISBN: 159147356X OCLC: 62322204

American Psychological Association, Washington, DC : ©2006.

An increasing number of psychologists argue that people give meaning to their lives by constructing and internalizing self-defining stories. The contributors to this volume explore how, beginning in adolescence and young adulthood, our narrative identities become the stories we live by. This volume addresses the most important and difficult issues in the study of narrative identity, including questions of unity and multiplicity in stories, the controversy over individual versus societal authorship of stories, and the extent to which stories typically show stability or growth in the narrator.--Jacket.

Intimacy :
ISBN: 0385242662 OCLC: 18558059

Doubleday, New York : 1989.

Power, intimacy, and the life story :
ISBN: 0898625068 OCLC: 17622072

Guilford Press, New York : ©1988.

The person :
ISBN: 9780470129135 OCLC: 300493340

Wiley, Hoboken, N.J. : ©2009.

'The Person' provides psychologists with an organizational scheme for personality psychology. This sets the study of the person into evolutionary and cultural context, dividing personality up into three broad areas: dispositional traits, characteristic adaptations, and integrative life stories.

The person :
ISBN: 0471716995 OCLC: 60329340

J. Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, NJ : ©2006.

The text begins with fundamental evolutionary, social, and cultural contexts for understanding personality, followed by an examination of the three different levels of an individual's personality: dispositional traits, a person's general tendencies; characteristic adaptations, a person's desires, beliefs, concerns, and coping mechanisms; and life stories, the stories that give a life a sense of unity, meaning, and purpose.--Jacket.

The person :
ISBN: 0155080660 OCLC: 45029168

Harcourt College Publishers, Fort Worth : [2000]

The redemptive self :
ISBN: 0199969752 OCLC: 859536580

How do we as Americans define our identities? How do our stories represent who we are-our successes, our failures, our past, our future? Stories of redemption are some of the most powerful ways to express American identity and all that it can entail, from pain and anguish to joy and fulfillment. Psychologist Dan P. McAdams examines how these narratives, in which the hero is delivered from suffering to an enhanced status or state, represent a new psychology of American identity, and in turn, how they translate to understanding our own lives. In this revised and expanded edition of The Redemptiv.

The redemptive self :
ISBN: 0195176936 OCLC: 57007745

Oxford University Press, Oxford ; 2006.

Based on 10 years of research on the life stories of especially caring and productive American adults, The Redemptive Self explores the psychological and cultural dynamics of the stories Americans tell to make sense of who they are. Among the most eloquent tellers of redemptive stories are those midlife adults who are especially committed to their careers, their families, and making a positive difference in the world. These highly "generative" men and women embrace the negative things that happen to them, for it is by transforming the bad into good that they are able to move forward in life and ultimately leave something positive behind. Unconsciously, they find inspiration and sustenance in the rich store of redemptive tales that American culture offers - from the autobiographies of Massachusetts Puritans, Benjamin Franklin, and escaped African-American slaves to the stories of upward mobility, recovery, fulfillment, and release that come to us today from Hollywood, 12-step programs, self-help experts, religious stories, political speeches, business gurus, and Oprah. --Publisher.

The stories we live by :
ISBN: 9781572301887 OCLC: 26588404

W. Morrow, New York, N.Y. : ©1993.

An account of the ways in which we use stories across the life cycle and thorugh history ; provides new insights into the ways in which we maintain our identity.

Turns in the road :
ISBN: 1557987734 OCLC: 46402295

American Psychological Association, Washington, DC : ©2001.